Friday, December 21, 2007


As reward for all my hard work (and after convincing my mom) I am getting myself a brand new camera!! :D

I'm looking for something around 5 to 8 Megapixels because it's sufficient.
I don't need to zoom in and see my own pores thank you very much.

So anyway! My budget's around $250 and I've been scouting around for some mighty fine models :)

The first one which I've got my eyes on is

Canon IXUS 70

which is quite sexy though it's not the prettiest model around.

The other model that I've been eyeing is the

Nikon COOLPIX S200

which is prettier and slightly cheaper than the Canon IXUS.

I'm not too big of a fan of the Pentax Optio T20 but it's pretty cheap too.

Don't they look all pretty and shiny? *O*

The Sony cybershot cameras are dead sexy with the range of pretty colours but after playing with a friend's Sony DSC-T70 Cybershot camera I realized that the cameras themselves aren't really that good!

But the pink one looks sooooo good :(

Damm it.

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