Monday, March 12, 2012

Black and white dolly wink inspired nails

 Am loving my latest nail designs! ♥♥♥♥♥

       Left hand ♥

   Right hand ♥

I've been playing with konad stamps again. I am very pleased with how they came out.
It's always a little messy with konad stamp kits but I really think it's worth it.

One of my birthday gifts was more konad image plates; but not just any regular plates, these were massive!!!

In Hong Kong, I could see Dolly Wink products everywhere! Unfortunately I succumbed to it all and purchased one of Tsubasa's dolly wink lashes (No.1 Sweet lashes) DESPITE the fact that I don't often use false lashes and still have trouble putting them on :(

So I purchased cheaper ones to practice until I've mastered putting falsies on and my reward will be dolly wink lashes. *fist pump

Yeah, okay, it probably won't make any sense to some of you... but look at the packaging!

I am such a sucker for pretty packaging ;)

Anyho, together with the kit that good ol' Yenners bought for me, I managed another attempt at Dolly Wink inspired nails. It's all about polka dots, pretty ribbons / bows, and lace; all things girly and cute!

It came out much nicer than my first and second attempts; mainly because konad art stamps create much cleaner lines than free-hand nail art and nail art pens.

Hope everyone's had a good weekend.
We in Victoria are enjoying our long labour-day weekend, or at least I am ;) ♥

Friday, March 09, 2012


O hai! I have returned!!

Sorry, I was away on a week-long business trip in Shanghai and Hong Kong ;)

It was fourth time to HK, but first time I've visited China.
Shanghai was great! I thoroughly enjoyed myself because the staff in Shanghai were ace!!
I miss them already! :(

Anyway, you don't really want to hear me talk about work! I'm sure you want to see my shopping haul!

Makeup did cost me a fair bit but still MUCH cheaper than if I purchased them in Australia!
Majolica Majorca mascara was half price at AU$15!!

These were less than AU$2 each!


I love crowns!

 Love these bags! They both cost less me than AU$60!

 Anyway, guess who turned 25?!

Unfortunately I had to leave for my conference the day after my birthday, but it didn't matter. I spent it with my Joshy ♥

Hmm.. actually when I think about it, I met him when I was 20
So in a month and a half's time, we will be celebrating our 5th year anniversary together.

Ah... life is good ;)

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