Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tis the season to be jolly

I've gotten an early chrissy present from dear twinno Yenny! ^O^

All the way from Korea!

She sent me three pretty earrings and a card

which is..



According to Yenny, it says "No Entry. Only for special people." which is really cute.
But what does underwear have anything to do with Christmas??! LOL!!!

Anyway, these are the earrings she got me!


Thank you very much twinno!!!<3
I wore them right away! :P

Met up with Yong Hwee for dinner and she handed me some cookies she baked!

Very pretty ya?? :D
Thank you so much Yong Hwee!!


And after pestering Josh to set up the christmas tree, we finally did it last week! :D

We even got fairy lights!! So pretty!

The camera doesn't do it justice. It's really pretty to look at! :3

Merry Christmas Everyone!! <3

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chrissy Sale!!


I love sales! :D

Bought two pairs of shoes, one at half priced!

A pair of cream slingback pumps for AU$90

Cute ballet flats for AU$30! These are very comfy :3

Pearl headband for AU$8!
Me love pearls!

A pretty necklace with a pin-on lacey flower for AU$20 :)

And the other day, I bought a black sequin fedora for AU$15!
I love it so much!

It sounds like I've been spending a lot lately huh?
I'd better be careful with the spending, otherwise I'd end up in the poor house (T.T)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cut cut cut. Snip snip snip. Stitch Stitch Stitch.


Dr. Yang, our cosmetic surgeon who's based in China came for three days to do these surgeries:
  1. Labiaplasty (Yes, you read that right. I have never seen another woman's vajayjay till then. It was very disturbing to watch someone cut it up. Made me cross my legs involuntarily the whole time.)

  2. Rhinoplasty (In this case, Dr. Yang carved a material and stuffed it up her nose to make it high and straight)

  3. Facelifts (In fact, two facelifts. And I thought the labiaplasty was bad. I was so wrong. I guess it was because I had to assist Dr. Yang by lifting sections of the the patient's face up while he performed the stitching under the flesh. Am still quite traumatized.)

  4. Fixing two eye surgeries:
    One was a botched-up double-eye lid performed by some other doctor.
    The other was to remove stitches (and also extra fat + tissues) from a previous surgery that was causing this particular patient's eyelid to be hitched up far too high, thus this patient could not close the eye properly.

This Sunday I will be assisting Dr.Yang while he tackles to repair some damaged muscles, which resulted from a previous botched-up breast implant surgery.

I am physically and mentally drained already.

Will definitely be sleeping before 10pm tonight.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The things I do for money

Will be working till Sunday this week. *flails arms

Fortunately, I will get Monday off.

It's been mad. Three whole days of surgeries, one after another.

Will update you on the horrors I've been through so far this week. *shudders

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lala Land

I apologize for not updating. I've been pretty busy and the last thing I want to do is edit, resize photos and upload them.

Fortunately, I have today off! HURRAH! *prances
I don't really have plans today :3
But think I will go shopping later! :D
It's been a while since I woke up at 10am and don't have to rush anywhere!!

Anyway, without further ado, I shall now present you glorious pictures of recent events that have occurred in a non-chronological order!!


Joshua's Birthday! Happy Birthday darling! <3

 We went for a picnic in the Royal Melbourne Botanic Gardens!

He also got a very yummy Mars bar cake! *salivates

Yong Hwee's Birthday!

I got a little tipsy because I had red wine and then German beer. Heee.
It was a great night! It's always enjoyable to dine and celebrate with friends :)

Birthday Girl and her German Beer.

Am very happy to meet up with old friends and also Veronica Yow!!
I remember when she came over to visit Yong Hwee in Klang. At the time, Yong Hwee and I were housemates.Yong Hwee's goldfish died and I had to fish it out!! We then tried to bury it but in the end, dumped it in the trash.

 Cheers to you, babe! <3

Oh! And a housemate, Ying also had a birthday celebration!
Her friends came to surprise her at 11.45pm. We woke her up and really gave her a shock. HEHEHE!

If only I could show you each balloon we drew on!! Am so proud of my creations!! *smug face
Happy birthday dear!! <3

Okay! What else??

In the past two months, I've bought a lot of stuff!!

My Korean clothes!! Totally love my rose printed summer dress!! Kyaaaa~
Love my checked shirt! Love my denim shorts! Love my star loop earrings!!!
So what did I not love?
Well, the shoes are great but a bit too painful to wear for too long :P

I also bought myself a PINK nintendo DS Lite as there was a special offer I could not refuse!
It came with a free game and accessories pack! WOOTS!

Since then, I bought myself the Brain Training game. Initially my brain is of a 35 year old!!!
Now my brain is of a 20 year old!!
Well, on good days anyway.

MMmm... I also bought a portable air-conditioning unit from Ebay!
It's heaven I'm telling ya! I am sooooo glad I bought it.

It saves me from sweating out on those hot nights!
It sure feels like summer already -____-

Whatever happened to Spring?! It's my favourite season but it seemed like a prolonged Winter and then skipped to Summer.

Went to the D.F.O (Direct Factory Outlet, you noobs) and bought myself a pretty necklace!! Don't really fancy the matching earrings but it came in a set.. so oh well.

I also bought some make-up brushes from the Body Shop!

These brushes are from their award-wining range and best of all.. they aren't made from any animal hair/fur!!

Hmmm.... that's pretty much all that I can think of at the moment.
Well, I bought some shoes and slippers but didn't take photos. Am too lazy to anyway.

Now, about my life!!

I'm thoroughly enjoying my job! I like most of my colleagues so I'm pretty happy! :D
Moreover, I don't get bored easily as there's lots to do and each day is different!

I'm happy earning my own money and spending it :P

Am still happy and together with Joshua :)

He thinks I am crap at feeding people.

So, now I just need to get out there and explore Melbourne, and meet new friends along the way!!
OH. I also need a haircut.

Monday, October 12, 2009


I soooooo cannot wait for my massive haul of clothes to arrive from Korea!!


Earning money is so freaking awesome!! :D

I probably won't go clothes shopping for a long time after this.


Oh! And Josh's birthday is coming up!
I hate getting gifts for guys. He wants the brand new slim 120GB PlayStation 3


Guess, I will be eating bread for a long while then.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty...

Who's this??


My housemate's friend left his cat, Jasmine, with us for 3 weeks.
Now I'm not a cat lover but this cat is really adorable.
She's so pampered, she just purrs at the sight of a human, looking for a head pat.
If you ignore her, she then proceeds to rub her head all over you, in order to get your attention.

She also loves ruffing my quilt with her claws (-____-)

before sleeping the day away

But she's so cute! No one in the house is a cat lover but she has definitely grown on us.
Only one more week left before she goes :(

Monday, September 28, 2009

First week of hell

I've offically survived my first week at my new job.

They've thrown me into the deep end. I had to learn everything from helping out with reception; taking calls, posting out orders, filing and updating patients' cards, writing out medicare (health) receipts, handling the cash register and eftpos machine, like I work in some office, AND THEN I had to learn how to do scalp treatments, preparing IV drips, reagents, sterilizing operating equipment, and also eventually learn how to set up and assist in the operating theater.


I've made a lot of mistakes but most people were rather patient and understanding :)

And when I say they've thrown me into the deep end, they let me do a hair scalp treatment myself on the first day after one observation (T__T)

AND on Friday, NO ONE but Sean and I were in (some of the staff goes to the East Melbourne clinic on Tues, Thurs and Fridays, and it so happened that the usual remaining staff were on holidays or working overseas).

Sean works in the back, he's the sales/design person so I was left to handle most things myself. As he knew how everything work, he helped me whenever I cried out his name.. which was like 80% of the time.


But I also very proud of myself for being able to handle some of the things without too much help. Hoorah!
Unfortunately, I go home every night wondering if I've sent out the right items/medicine, and whether I missed out anything.

There's a lot to learn but it's definitely a fascinating job. Sometimes I'm running frantically around, other times it gets really quiet and I have nothing to do.. which feels really weird.

I've already had a run-in with an infamous and flaky patient. There's a lot of stories to tell, as each patient is different. Some are really nice and sweet, others are really arrogant and mean.

I have to work on some Saturdays as well, it's only for half a day so, after working two Saturdays, I can have a day off :)

To go shopping maybe :D


Thursday, September 17, 2009

My new loves <3

Now that I'm earning money.. let the shopping begin!!

The first thing I bought!! A cookbook!! :D
And you all thought it'd be shoes, clothes and whatnot!

Well, hah!!

Ahem.. well, I did purchase 2 bags and 2 pair of shoes not long afterwards!
I couldn't resist! I need new shoes for my new job!
And also my current bag is looking very old and tattered. Sniff!!!

Bought these two bags from!

Close-up of the brown tote bag! I am soooo in love with this bag!!

Close-up of my new laptop/work bag!

My new flats!! 'Crackled' skin. You can't tell from the pics but they're actually deep purple. So gorgeous in the light!!!

And also my new 'snake-skin' patterned heels!
They were slightly too large for me so I had to get back-heel slip insoles!
Totally love them!

Can you tell I'm wearing my heels?
Can't imagine how short I must actually look!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I'm absolutely fuming right now! ARGH!

There's a one-day only sale going on in Chadstone Shopping Centre today so I thought I'd pop in to have a look. I also decided to get the hem of my pants shortened in one of the stores in Chadstone, and apply for Medicare while I waited.

Now I checked the website of the clothes alteration store and they said that they can shorten pants within an hour or it's free. Coolies!

I also made a call this morning to Medicare to find out the documents required to apply for one. I then set out to Chaddy for my shopping spree!!

I had it all planned out; I'd drop my pants to be altered, then deal with Medicare. Later on, I'd shop for a bit, pick up my pants and shop some more.

But nooooooo... apparently the store's too busy to finish my pants today. Get this.. it'll cost me $21.90 AND I have to pick it up on Friday night. WTF. Three whole days to have my pants shortened?! Strangely enough, a Causasian lady was having her skirt fitted and was told that she can pick it up tomorrow.


I brushed it off and headed to Medicare. Alas, the man over the counter said that I don't have all the documents. He won't process anything until I provide him with an evidence of the payment of my visa.
What???! I called up earlier and I wasn't informed of this!!

Well, that's just great. Just great. >=(

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Treading lightly

Yesterday, I witnessed (and actually assisted) in a lipo & breast augmentation procedure whereby a patient's fat was transferred from her thighs to the boobs.

They called me the day before and asked me to come in and meet the founder, Dr. Ong. I must say, I'm rather intimidated by him. Anyho, both Dr. Ong and his daughter, Amanda had to do the procedure together. Although I was called in to observe initially, I somehow ended up assisting them.

I'm extremely fascinated; but only because it's all new and exciting to me. Dr . Ong explained to me that they plan to utilize a little bit of biotechnology in their newest anti-aging technique, which is why they'd prefer if I'd come on board. Moreover, she explained that I understood basic sanitation, sterilization, medical terms, equipments, etc., so it would be much easier to train me up so I can provide them with assistance during these minor surgical procedures.

I can't hide the fact that I'm intrigued by it all. I have been weighing my options and had a good long think about what I intend to do. This position is not exactly what I've studied four years for. I am aware that most people take on careers unrelated to their qualifications. I didn't think that I would be one of them.
But then again, what's the problem, right?
People change their career paths all the time. It's not like I'm behind some cash register in a supermarket trying to make ends meet.

It's a fascinating position, fast-paced and never routine. Fact is, procedures like this depends on bookings so I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of receptionist work (alongside Karen), giving hair treatments/consultations (and eventually skincare consultation), and even traveling to the city once in a while to their other Melbourne office.

This is definitely a job where I'll have to be dressed to look representable, interact with the clients and learn about their unique cases. A far cry from being hidden away in a lab, and it wouldn't matter if I'd wear scruffy clothes since I'd be wearing a lab gown/coat.

As it was already my 4th visit to the place, I've already met most of the people who work there; they seem genuinely friendly and nice people, so that's a bonus :)

I'm most likely going to take the job! And to think that I almost said no! (I actually called up to tell them that but before I could start, they asked me to come in to meet Dr. Ong and watch a lipo + breast augmentation)

The pay probably won't be great since I practically have no skills but I'll be fine.
I will just have to work my way up and prove my worth. They are quite keen for me to join so will get back to me on Monday after they've worked out the salary.
Let's hope it'll be enough for me save a bit too :)
Am planning to take on driving lessons! :D

Oh before I forget!! After we completed the procedure and had a bite to eat, Kee came up to me with a small white envelope and said that it was for the assistance I had provided them. I tried to decline but she was adament that I had "worked" that day.
I thanked them but had no idea how much was inside.
So I was pretty blown away when I realized it was $50!! This is the first time I've actually got paid for work!! :D

WOO HOO! Maybe it's time for me to get a new bag! :D
My current bag is starting to peel and fade :(

Sunday, September 06, 2009


I can finally breathe.

Today's the only day where I have no where to run to. And I slept in today :D
Well, maybe I'll pop by the Chadstone Shopping Centre to send in some resumes :)

Things are going well at the lab in Monash. I love the people there. At the moment, I can't kill little mice because I've got to attend the 'Animal Ethics and Handling' induction which only begins sometime next year. So YAY! Let's hope I've found a job by then!

I've had three interviews so far. Two were successful.

I've now got a part-time job as a computer-assisted telephone interviewer; it's tough but the pay is great. I might want to get another part-time job which isn't as stressful. I don't think it's a good sign if you dread and have nightmares about going into work. I know that I've only had several abusive and mad calls but their words keep playing in my head and stresses me.
I guess if I keep going at it, I will develop a really thick and impenetrable skin. LOL. Which might be a good thing??

I don't enjoy calling up people and ask if they have time for a 20-minute survey. I've had only two shifts so far.

My first shift was terrible; I had about 3 or 4 angry/abusive callers, one who kept panting and told me to keep talking (I thought he might be dying but after a while, I got a little freaked out by all the panting and hung up on him. What was he doing? I have no idea.) The others were generally nice and politely decline, or at least they don't curse at you.

My second shift, yesterday, was better. I actually had a guy who completed the survey in full, although it took us about 45 minutes! He used to work as a telephone interviewer so he emphasized with me *sniffles*

Oh, I've also got offered a job as a hair/skincare consultant whose job also includes reception/admin work, and as an officer-all-rounder. However, they want me to stay on for 9 - 10 years.

And I just want a part-time job!! :S

Anyway, they had me come in to have a look at what they do and have a feel of how the clinic and office runs. I got to observe a laser-assisted liposuction!
I must say, I'm incredibly fascinated and also quite grossed out by it. I won't be able to do any of these procedures, naturally, if I do take on the job but I'll be helping out.

So my heart is in a mess.
I'm glad I'm getting job offers but it's doing my head in a little.

It'll take time before I get offered an actual lab job (am hoping that grants are being approved soon so those scientists can get their money to hire meeeeee), so till then, I'll stick to my current part-time job until I get offered another part-time job or a full-time lab job.

Now I know how difficult it is to earn money!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The story so far


It has been a hell of a week.

I've officially moved to Melbourne and have started my part-time work placement.

The people at the lab are warm, genuine and lovely so it's been great! I feel very welcomed and loved :D

Unfortunately, I have a terrible sense of direction. I am puzzled by Melbourne's bus system and feel utterly defeated. *hides face in shame*

The Medical Centre where I was undertaking my work experience was a good 40 minutes' walk away from where I currently reside. For the first day, I felt adventurous.

"40 mins??? Well, no problem. I can walk there."

To be honest, I got there to the gates of the Medical Centre within 35 minutes!
Only problem was that the lab I was working in was situated wayyyyy beyond the gates of the Medical Centre. I tried going through the Medical Centre, hoping to find some sort of shortcut but I FAILED. I tried going around the building but I ended up in their vast car park filled with seemingly endless number of cars, so I tried the other side. Eventually, I got into the lab. In all, it took me an additional 25 minutes to get from the gates to the lab.

So perhaps walking isn't ideal?

I took the bus.

I got off the wrong stop. I got lost.

After telling my story to the other staff members, a collegue was kind enough to show me the correct stop and the correct bus to alight. Unfortunately, I didn't know where to stop.


I ended up in some suburb; cold, hungry and alone.

Thank God for Josh and his car.

Perhaps there should be classes on public transport for people like me.
I might fail it though.

Oh well.

I guess I will have to bring out a map with me wherever I go.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So I just back from Melbourne.

I'm happy to say that I've met the Professor and his team. We had a little chat and I found them to be friendly and nice. They were happy for me to join their team so I'll be moving to Melbourne :)
I hope to get everything organized, sorted out and move everything within two weeks.

Since getting back to Adelaide, I've been plagued by this wave of sadness. I guess I never really thought about it but I'll really miss Adelaide.

As I made my way to the city, I marveled at the beauty of Adelaide... sure, it's a sleepy, quiet city but it's not a bad thing, it's a peaceful place filled with warm and friendly people.

The next thing I know this guy drives up to me, breaks into a grin and goes, "oh WOW! Hellooo!"

Eh??! I have no idea why he was going "wow" for. I'm sick and pale, and covered from head to toe. I just looked at him oddly and walked away.
Then, as I turned away, this homeless guy starts talking to me!!

Perhaps the people in Adelaide are a little too friendly??

Ah well... I will still miss it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

2 cups of sunshine

Today, I woke up with a smile.

I cannot remember the last time I woke up feeling refreshed, happy and even somewhat excited.

I finally have a direction in life. My future still isn't all that clear but I've finally decided to make that jump. I'm heading to Melbourne to talk to a professor about working his lab just to gain some experience, and hopefully make some connections and secure a proper job.

I plan to work in his lab part-time while doing some other paying part-time work. I don't know where this will lead me but I do know that it will help.

I'm actually really worried (it's the pessimist in me) about packing, moving, and starting a new life in Melbourne. So it's a surprise that after a tossing and turning in bed trying to sleep, I actually woke up feeling happy.

I guess it's been a while since I've gotten something to look forward to :)

Oh, I went for a third interview recently; it was for a data-entry position. Needless to say, I came second again. Apparently, I was the successful candidate but they then decided to not to hire anyone and give one of their employees extra work. Then they tell me that they would like to call me again on Monday if their employee can't handle the additional work.

I wonder... do interviewers always tell you stuff like that so they don't want you to feel bad?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Maru and his antics

I am officially obsessed with this cat.

I first spotted this cat on and am hooked since.

Its a Scottish Fold and is called Maru; pronounced as "Meh-ru" which
basically means 'Round' in Japanese. How apt!

With a set of inquisitive eyes, and a playful nature,
this cat won me over in this video.

I have never ever seen a cat do that before!

I prefer dogs over cats but if all cats are as cute as Maru,
then I wouldn't mind getting one!

Maru is really curious but intelligent. At first, it may seem like a silly cat as it sticks its head into paper bags (with a hole in the other end), bubble wrap and the like.

However, it begins to walk around the house in a routine manner and taking its time looking at its surroundings through the bags, which suggests its intelligence.

If you're interested, you can follow Maru and its antics through its owner's blog at Although it's predominantly in Japanese, there are English translations in the blog entries.. or rather Engrish translations.

There's an archive of blog entries in the top left corner of the blog and you can scroll through past entries at the bottom of the blog. And best of all, it's updated fairly regularly ;)

Isn't Maru just too cute?

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