Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fallen Tears

It’s been raining for three consecutive days and it’ll probably rain again tomorrow.It hardly ever rains in the driest state of the land down under.

“El nino,” said Soo Hui.


I’m just afraid it might turn out to be a hurricane brewing and wipe us off the map when it strikes.

Still… when I’m alone, rainy days always bring out the melancholic side in me.
I was supposed to study but I ended up sketching instead +___+




For a long time I’ve felt so alone
Although I’m surrounded by people
Everyday of my life

But these people…
They have no faces
They cannot see these tears I shed
Though they hear my cries
But they cannot comfort me
For they have no voices


Then who is this stranger?
Like many others, he sought for me
To find the person
who is constantly crying her heart out
Like many others, he came with an outstretched hand
But he cannot help me
No one can

Why should he be any different?

But he… he has a voice

He asked for the reason why I was crying
I could not answer him
He took my hand and told me not to be afraid
For he was here to heal me
Through the tears
I could see a smile forming
His features became vivid
I suddenly see a face
And what a beautiful face it is

Thursday, April 26, 2007

In the land where taboo thrives

I stumbled onto this rather interesting article today.

Sex education in Brunei a no-no

Apparently in the last two years, a total of 95 babies were born out of wedlock.
And the youngest teen mom is found to be a 13-year old. original context

NYAH!! 13 years old?! I was still enjoying Cartoon Network at that age .___.

First of all, my jaw dropped when I saw a heading like that in some community forum. It's pretty unusual to see any news about Brunei, let alone be it such a topic.

So some people have proposed sex education to be carried out in schools to teach safe sex.
However, the Government is afraid that it would seem like they're encouraging pre-martial sex instead.
Oh woe-is-them.

"I find it sad that in Brunei, we still delude ourselves in thinking that Bruneians don’t do these things. That only married couples have sex. We find it hard to accept that sex among teenagers are commonplace. " (Jack blog)

I agree wholeheartedly, Jacky boy.

Being in denial doesn't solve anything.
You can close your eyes and ears all you want, it's not as if babies will stop popping out when you do so.
Besides making sex sound so taboo only makes it more enticing and fuels curiousity.

On the other hand, we Bruneians an endangered species anyway.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


So Uncle Yenny went off to Korea to teach english to kiddies..

^HAHA! I stole this off her site.

I somewhat envy her.

I mean, she just graduated the end of last year before turning 20 (So technically she graduated at the age of 19) and so she's taking a year off to go to Korea and teach English-suu!

Sounds like fun huh??

I'd like to do that but two things come to mind.

  1. $$$
    No money, no talk.

  2. Teaching kids English must be like pulling teeth, especially if they're pulling yours.
    Can you imagine little kiddies running around, screaming their heads off and causing havoc with every step they take?

But then.. think about the amount of k-pop celebrity stalking she could do~

She says she'll kidnap Yunho and bubblewrap him then send him through mail for me.
Yay! xD

Good luck Yenners.

I hope Korean kids are angelic.

Speaking of Korea, I bought this the other day.
Korean ice cream! ^O^

But why do they need to say it's 'white vanilla'
I wasn't aware that vanilla come in any other colour but white.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Mission Complete

As we stood outside Adelaide's magistrates court,
the building loomed over us like a towering giant.

We were there on a mission.

^Very important mission papers.

The security was tight. We had to pass through a metal detector and have our bags check.
Just in case we turned out to be armed and dangerous.
Le gasp.

Don't those men look very important with their red folders?

Of course, they don't look very professional cause they're looking upwards ... obviously they don't know what floor they're supposed to go to.

We waited patiently for our turn and when the lady before us stepped out of the Justice of Peace room, we walked in.

The lady at the desk had her head down and was busy scribbling away.

There was an awkward moment of silence before Soo Hui knocked on the door. Even though we were already inside, she said, "come in," without even lifting her head up to acknowledge our presence.

No one said a word while she finished up. The atmosphere was quite tense.
Then she finally looked at us and took the papers from Soo Hui.

She started yapping away without ever using a full stop. "BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHHHH do you declare that everything written here is true..blah blah blah blah...say 'I declare'."

Soo Hui nodded her head.

She looked at her straight in the eye and in a stern voice repeated herself slowly, "Do you declare that everything written here is true? If so, say 'I declare'."



After Soo Hui declared that it was true, she turned to me and actually smiled, "we can't just have you nod and go 'hmm-mm'." she explained.

I forced a smile out and just nodded my head and went 'Hmm-mm!'


What a relief when the whole ordeal was over.

And all this.. just to get a garbage bin.

Because someone had stolen ours. *shakes angry fist*

In other news, we have a wireless modem now!
YAY~! *prances*

And I finally found the right bulb for my lamp!!
YAY~! *prances some more*

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Endless Story

Reira starring Yuna Ito - Endless Story


If you haven't changed your mind
soba ni ite hoshii yo Tonight
If you haven't changed your mind
I want you to be by my side Tonight

tsuyogaru koto ni tsukareta no osanasugita no
Everytime I think about you babyima nara ieru I miss you
It is hard to say I'm sorry
I was tired of acting strong I was too young
Everytime I think about you baby Now I can tell you that I miss you
It is hard to say I'm sorry

* tatoeba dareka no tame ja naku anata no tame ni
utaitai kono uta wo
owaranai story tsudzuku kono kagayaki ni
Always tsutaetai zutto eien ni
For instance, I want to sing this song not for someone else, but for you
The endless story continues into this radiance
I always want to tell you always, forever

Memories of our time together
kesanaide kono mama don't go away
Memories of our time together
don't disappear, they stay like this, they don't go away

atatakaku tokedashite tashikameru no
yasashisa no shizuku kono mune ni hirogatteku
setsunai hodo ni I'm missin' you
kasaneta te hanasanaide
Beginning to melt warmly & make certain,
the drops of kindness spread on my chest
I'm missin' you so much that I'm sad
Don't let go of my hand upon yours

tatoeba kanau nara mou ichido anata no tame ni
utaitai kono uta wo
owaranai story taema nai itoshisa de
tell me why oshiete yo zutto eien ni
For instance, if the wish comes true,
I want to sing this song for you again
The endless story with an endless love
tell me why tell me always & forever

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rest In Peace . . .

I can't believe Calvin left.

Tears are welling up in my eyes as I type this.
He's gone.

Just hours ago, Seng Kheng asked me over MSN if I knew who Calvin Chee was.
I told him that Calvin was my childhood friend but we lost contact after he transferred after secondary 3. Although I did bump into him early this year. . .
Then he told me that Calvin collapsed during a lecture yesterday.
Then he said that he may have passed away.

I was really angry at first.
I didn't think it was funny at all.

But it was true.

When it all sank in, I couldn't help but burst into tears.
I wasn't very close to him but he was a friend. He was probably the most patient person I know. I have never once seen him angry.
I remember back in primary school where a group of us would just sit and chat about things.

At the time I didn't understand why he always missed classes to go to the hospital. I knew he had to be quite ill if he was visiting the hospital that often.
He has thellasemia. . .

I remember him reading one of my essays out loud, "My ambition is to be a scientist." He turned to me and proceeded to act out as a scientist. Pretending to hold two test tubes in each hand, he mixed them and was surprised to see that nothing happened so he stuck his eye into one and it blew in his face.

I remember sitting in his house playing a South Park video game with Alex when we were supposed to do a discussion for a History detabe.

I remember coming to school with a dodgy haircut and he said I looked nice. . . =)


He's only 20.
In fact, he's only a week or so older than me.

They said that he passed out from shortness of breath and today, he left us.
I want to end this entry on a happy note but somehow I can't seem to find a way to do so. Forgive me.

I'm still in shock. It was just so sudden. So very sudden.
But it was his time. God beckoned him. God will guide him.
Rest in peace, Calvin.

Till the fat lady sings

Having the internet is bliss. They gave us a 4-port modem while we wait for the wireless one to arrive.

Anyway, I just came across a news article in some Science & Technology site.
Yes, nerd alert.
Anyway, they've found it.
The gene that increases one's susceptibility to obesity.

It reminded me of an old documentary that I've watched... and at the time, they were still searching for the gene (FTO gene).

I recall this massive lady going, "I would feel better if this gene does exist. If it's in our genes, it's not our fault that we're fat."

So basically it's comforting news for her.
Homer Simpson will be happy to hear that too!!

He looks ecstatic =D

Just remember the gene just increases the chances of you getting fat, it doesn't mean it WILL make you super-sized.

Imagine someone stuffing his face with donuts while watching telly going, "Nope, it's not my fault that I don't exercise and live to eat."

More about the Fat Gene :

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Give it to me!!

Here I am in Uni again... blogging.


Apparently we exceeded the 200 hours limit.

Such a slow connection and it's limited.

Soo Hui was pretty pissed over the long weekend because Friday and Monday were public holidays.
A long weekend and we have to share dial-up.

And on Sunday, the dial-up stopped working!! >O<

So today we walked to Kern (our Internet provider) to demand an explanation.
And guess what? The processing was fine.
It was done exactly on Thursday, just before the long weekend!!
So we actually have ADSL 2+, we just don't have a modem!!
The guy (Jason) went, "alrighty then, let me get you guys the details and the modem."

Upon hearing that, Soo Hui turned to me and said, "I'm really happy" with a straight face on. Kinda like Droopy Dog . . .

Except she doesn't have a tail.

Anyway, they gave us our modem and off we went.
If we had tails, we would have been wagging them all the way home as just the thought of being able to use sweet sweet high speed internet is like doggie paradise~

So we got home and unpacked everything. It took a while but we installed everything and it worked!
then it struck us. . . the modem wasn't a wireless one.



So we walked back to demand another explanation.
And guess what they said?
There's no wireless modem in stock.

Oh joy to the world . . . la la la . . .
someone kill me.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


I was shopping in Woolies on Wednesday and EVERYONE was getting easter choccies!!
Feeling the Easter-y-ness in the air, I bought some chocolate eggies too!! =D


I wanted to know how it felt like being the Easter bunny for a day
so I doned a pair of bunny ears and hopped around in class, handing eggs out to my fellow Christian friends.






Of course not!! >.<

Well, I handed them out and maybe semi-hopped *cough* but I have no bunny ears =(
I could use Soo Hui's reindeer ears-horns-thingy but then the Easter Bunny would be upset.

He's a sensitive fella.
And no, I didn't have any myself =(
Mr. Easter Bunny would be proud of me =D

Anyho, I'm officially FREE!! for now.


Our two week study break is finally here!! With so much free time, I have no idea what to do!!

What's that you say? Study??
I'm not a nerd!!

But then again, the first day back and there's a test =__=
Which is why Anatasia calls it a 'crap' study break XD
Don't you love them lecturers?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Is this a joke?? TiSP Google

I'm not sure if any of you've heard of this yet but...

"Google TiSP (BETA) is a fully functional, end-to-end system that provides in-home wireless access by connecting your commode-based TiSP wireless router to one of thousands of TiSP Access Nodes via fiber-optic cable strung through your local municipal sewage lines."


*eye twitch*

Very hygienic indeed.

Well, if your toilet becomes clogged, you know why.
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