Saturday, April 24, 2010

Adult Grey Lenses Review

I know I promised to post this up a long time ago... and I have no excuses since I know you all will forgive me anyway *bats eyelashes

As some of you might know/remember, I purchased two pair of lenses from
I'll do each review individually in separate posts.

Pinkyparadise is a Malaysian based online store. They offer a large range of coloured lenses imported from a Korean manufacturer; they carry many popular branded lenses, and even other beauty products and accessories.

In comparison to most contacts sold in Australia, these were extremely cheap. I was able to purchase two different types of lenses for the price of my Grey Storms, and still have money left to buy bubble tea!!!

Shipping was fairly quickly, despite being sent from Malaysia.
Moreover, the people managing the store were very helpful and responded to my questions almost immediately.

I'm not sure if they still have the promotion but when I purchased my lenses, they gave me cute animal lenses for free!!

I got the piggy and the hippo! ♥

Alright, first up are E.O.S Adult Grey Lenses

*promo pic taken from website

These lenses are very very very very very very cool. The colour changes depending on the light; they look almost purple-blue in the photo above, as opposed to grey.

And when I put them on, they don't actually look grey either. They look rather blue most of the time.
Now to time of it, they don't EVER look grey on me. But that's alright, the blue/purple is so pretty, I don't mind.

 In dim light.

They actually look quite natural; not scary and as attention-seeking as my Storms.

You can't actually tell that I'm wearing them from afar.
Close-up, they look very pretty :D

It does give me a teary-eyed look, which is great for pulling sad puppy faces.
"Please buy me pretty things Josh!"

They don't look great when I use flash on the camera, because flash washes out the lenses and makes them look too pale.

Out of the three pairs that I own, these are my favourite.  There are plenty of reasons why these lenses reign superior to the other two and probably the rest out there in the market.

Comfort-wise these babies are great. They are so much more comfortable than the Grey Storms.
I could wear them for about 6 hours without a problem.

Although they are not as enlarging as circle lenses, there is a dark outer rim that makes a slight difference in iris size. They certain give the iris extra definition.
They fit my eyes quite well too. Some lenses can be so large that they actually don't move with your eyeballs; very annoying!

The reason I decided to get grey was because grey contacts look great on most asians. I wanted to get something that I could wear without startling people too much.

These lenses look quite natural that I even wear them to work. I get many compliments from these particular lenses. YHwee's cousin even thought I was born with blue eyes? LMAO!

Next up: Circle lens review

Have a good long weekend guys!! :D

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Dear Mr. Tan,
Today officially marks our 3rd year together.

It's definitely a personal milestone. Maybe it is for you too?
In these three years, we've created a lot of memories; both good and bad... but mostly good ;)

I never really thanked you properly, so I'll take this opportunity to say things you probably deserve to hear by now.

Thank you for letting me be myself.
Thank you for always (almost always) letting me win.
Thank you for putting up with my stubbornness strong will and persistence.
Thank you for showing me the patience I needed when I could not find the words to express myself.
Thank you for all your encouragement and support.
Thank you for chauffeuring me around; even on your days off.
Thank you for letting me sing my heart out (albeit off-key) while you're driving.

I have many other reasons to be thankful but I do not want your head to swell up to the size of a house. It's not a good look, you know.

You're not the perfect boyfriend.
You're not the ideal boyfriend either.
But I absolutely adore you and your flaws.

Thanks for three wonderful years. Let's see how far life will take us.

It's not surprising how time flies; it always does when you're having fun ;)

   Your awesome Grade 'A' girlfriend ♥

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I *Heart* Zipia

You know what?

I spend waaaaay too much time on Zipia, browsing through the large variety of clothes and adding them to my ever-growing virtual shopping cart. It's funny how quickly I've accumulated over US$200 worth of items.

There are days when I just want to hit "Confirm purchase" link and be done with it.
Somehow whenever I review my items, I'd hesitate and would find reasons to justify purchasing over 20 items of clothing in one single haul.

I know.. I know.. I've done it before. So what's the difference?

It means even MORE money out of my pocket.
It means I am a potentially reckless spender, despite pouring over the site for months carefully selecting items I truly desire. Maybe I'm just nit-picky and obsessed?

It takes me forever to decide because all the clothes look good on their very attractive models.

Pretty girl in soft pastel colours = win

I keep changing my mind about this shirt.
I'm not a big fan of shirts but it is awfully cute!

Their korean models are also stick thin so naturally everything looks great on them.

I can never carry those legging offs~!! >=(

Can't believe how good that simple basic sleeveless tank top looks on her.
Jealoussssss -.-

Apart from the clothes. I also like look at their male models (yes, they have apparels for men too)
My favourite is the one on the right. He is smoking hot *O*


Anyway, I managed to convince a friend to check the site out; and am now putting her order in together with mine.

So I guess there's no backing out now. Heh. *sheepish smile

If you like to shop online, is an awesome website. The items are made in Korean and are of great quality. Moreover, there are tons of photos of the clothing item from many angles, as well as detailed measurements.

You'd need to register to have a browse through their items. Registration is free.

Only problem is that you need to purchase a minimum of US$300 because the items are at wholesale prices. It's always good to get a few mates together and put your selections into one order.

Here's a small sample of the items I'm getting!!

Top Left: Black and white dotted cardigan
Top Right: High waisted zipper pants
Bottom Left: Red check shorts
Bottom Right: Sky blue dotted dress

Do you likey?? :D

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Little Monsters

Guess what I got for Josh!!

Well, there's probably no need for you to guess because I'm going to tell you anyway!!
More Domo-kun merchandise :D

These house-slippers were soooooo cute, I had to get them on the spot!

 Rawrr! ♥

I made this cute little bag the other day! From a shirt that was accidentally burnt by the iron.
Recycling at its cutest, no? 

Am currently using it to keep all my felt creations :3

Speaking of which! I made a little froggy for my colleague's daughter who loves the colour green and frogs.
I love the bright lime green! :3

At the moment, I'm trying to make this piggy for my secret lover Yong Hwee ♥

Will post up more pics when it's completed!

Sigh.. These people are just so lucky to have me as a friend!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Domo-kun plush cushion

For some reason, I thought I had already post this up but it's been sitting in the 'drafts' section for a very long time.
Whoops! O__o''

This was the first felt toy I made :)

Domo-kun ♥

Monday, April 05, 2010

Review: Button N Thread Online Boutique

I have a major dilemma! I need more closet space! :O

I've purchased more clothes online; this time from Button N Thread Boutique @

They are based in Sydney and carry only items in limited numbers. WOO HOO!
The best part is that their gorgeous clothes are so affordable! ;D

This is what I got after opening my package! So pretty!

I really like how they made an effort to wrap my package! Bonus points!! ♥

For your first purchase, you'll receive a free accessory! :D

This was my free accessory! Very sweet looking! ;)

And this was the necklace I purchased. I so totally love it!!!
 It only cost me AUD$15.00 too!

So! Onto the clothes!

I got myself three cute dresses.

I know, I know.. they look quite similar; so sue me! I love this cut on dresses ;)
The colours aren't that accurate due to the lighting and camera.
(Sorry, I had to hide my face in the middle shot because I didn't realise my eyes were half-closed)

Dress 1 (Left)

Close up: Tiny little stars! Colour is pretty accurate in the close-up too :)
Verdict: This was my favourite out of the three as it was simple and fitted me well.
Price: AUD$20

Dress 2 (middle)

Verdict: Similar to dress 1; it had little stars all over it but the material was much lighter, it has a white top and "leather" straps.
Price: AUD$20

Dress 3 (Right)

Verdict: This denim-wash dress is much heavier than the previous two. The quality is great!
Price: AUD$20

Since I spent over AUD$65.00, shipping/delivery was free! *prances*
Delivery was really quick too; it took three days before my parcel to arrive at my doorstep!!

What do you think of them? ;)

Make sure you check the website yourself!!

// ♥

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