Sunday, March 25, 2007

mini updates on moi

Here I am again.
In uni, online.. with my darling housemate beside me.
She's supposed to be here to do her research but she's checking out friendster instead.


Anyho, a little update about my life.

Sharon lost her mobile phone!! =O
Soo hui's envious cause now Sharon can get a new phone.

My 'practice' presentations went well. The lecturers seemed to be quite impressed with me, especially since I was the only person who didn't have any notes to refer to.

It didn't occur to me that I could prepare notes. I assumed that Aussies don't read from their notes or cue cards but they do. In fact, some of them were really nervous or just kept their eyes on their papers.

Who would have thought!!

And Soo Hui is chatting away and looking at friendster profiles while she waits for replies.
Perhaps I should question her real motive of coming to uni in order to go online.
I wonder what she'll say when she reads this.
Maybe her expression will resemble this ---> (-___-")

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Korean fish ice cream

I have been eyeing this fish-shaped ice cream ever since I stepped into this Korean store in Chinatown. Apparently it has red beans and vanilla ice cream.

So I bought it!! It's only $1.80

And I sort of forgot about it and left it on the counter.. and it sorta melted
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but still very cute.. and delicious!! :D

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Evil Lamp

Why couldn't I have gotten a magic lamp with a genie who'll grant me every wish?

Instead I got this.

Looks pretty cool eh?

Sleek and shiny.

And who am I to argue?
But the only problem is that it didn't come with a bulb and guess what? .. the store that I bought it from doesn't sell bulbs that the lamp uses!!


So I got a standard one. I mean, it can't do me any harm could it?
As long as it's 40watt, I'm sure it'll work.


The thing turned smoking within a minute and the fuse blew.

So I decided to take it out.
and the cowardly thing broke!
Well, the bulb broke but the base was still in there.

Me being rather stupid and frustrated stuck my hand in to remove it.
And I cut myself .___.
It wasn't really that bad.
It just pierced my skin into my flesh right under the fingernail of my index finger.
Okay, it did hurt a lot.

I tried getting rid of it by wearing a glove but it was jammed in real tight!! >=(
I was getting really frustrated and decided to borrow a plier from someone
But no one has a pair of pliers!! >=(

I just left it there so it just sat there on my table...
you know, it was almost as if it was laughing at me!!

^Look at it mocking me!! >=(

So I went and bought pliers and after almost half an hour of twisting and turning it finally came out!! YAY~~!!

But I still haven't found any store that sells the right bulb *sulk*

For those who are wondering where I got the comic of the genie from, check out this cute little site :)

Check out another one of her works. I'm pretty sure she just used 'Paint' or something equivalent but they look so good!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

you have been warned

Australia is full of creepy crawlies...

I found this one the other day on my couch

God, it's ugly...

UGH~! The ugly-ness!!

Well, you may think it looks small but it was HUGE!! It was the size of my palm!
I was so jittery around it. I feared that it would lunge itself at me and chew my arm off.

It took me ages to get him out of the house.
Basically I pushed the couch towards the balcony and shoved the cushion with a broom... and hammered away at the cushion to scare the spider away.

And I found a smaller one yesterday..


Anyway, Soo Hui and I doing fine as housemates.
I haven't gotten the urge to kill her so far.

We've just gotten a phone line and registered for internet! Woo-hoo~!!
So in about two weeks, I will have sweet sweet high speed internet!! *SLURP*

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Feeling suicidal?
Then I'll recommend this.. it beats any method of suicide :)

Someone sent me this picture ages ago and I finally found it again!
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