Friday, December 29, 2006

Possibly the cutest shoes ever?

All hail the cutest pair of shoes ever! :D

Aren’t they absolutely adorable?!
And at only B$17!


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sweet sweet freedom





Image Hosted by nyah nyah nyahhhhh~

I am free!! I am FREEE!!!

Wow. This is crazy!! I've finished my 2nd year!! Next year will be my last year.
Wow. I will be 20 next year.
Mannnn!!! I suddenly feel old!! >.<

My dear housemates just left for the airport this afternoon.. at this very moment, they're still thousands and thousands of feet in the air, making their way home. A
ishh... I will miss them. Of all the housemates that I've had, they are the most tolerant and probably the nicest. They're such great people. I will miss them dearly.

And do you know what?

I actually refrained myself from foruming for 4 whole days!!
HAHAHA! Sharon and Seng Kheng will be so proud!!
Now I can forum all I want! BUAHAHAHA!!

At the very moment, I'm in Soo Hui's place. I'm staying over for the night and I'm able to use her sweet sweet high speed internet *nosebleeds* and she has air-conditioning!!
Do you know it's actually 34 degrees now? It's soooo hot!!
But she'll be going to Sydney on Monday for a week so hopefully by the time, she comes back, she won't knock on my door and find a shrivelled raisin for a friend >___<

Someone send help!
You can send me:
a) packs of ice cubes
b) an air-conditioner
c) tubs of ice cream (preferably chocolate chip mint)
d) a flight ticket to Korea (Hey, it's winter there okay?)
e) money. Lots of money.

Thank you :)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

S.W.O.T that fly

It's SWOT vac week! hOMG!
FYI, SWOT - Studying WithOut Teachers.

Aissshhh.. my first paper will be on the 13th?... That's like a week away and I've only started studying. Yeah... I've been busy with my practical report and yesh, foruminggggggg---- WHAT THE....... o___O"
There's a fly in my room!!! =____=

Ho hum. Nothing new to blog about.
I'm still addicted to foruming.
Still addicted to Triple Berry cereal
Still addicted to DBSK

oh but I have a new addiction.....
Boost Juice.


Damm.. that fly is starting to annoy me.
No, I will not swat it.
I am an animal lover!!!

Okay, it's not an "animal" but still a living thing!!
It's trying to get out through the window. Which has like a mesh over it. >____>
I wish flies didn't have to see things differently from us humans, then it'd realize it's a mesh and exit through the door instead.
I can't imagine if we view things the way flies do!! I can't imagine spending hours trying to exit through my window.

Why am I talking about a fly?! *sweatdrop*
Well, at least now I have a title for this post.... (+___+)

w00t~!! My net quota will be up pretty soon! On Tuesday!! HURRAY!!
*Sees the disapproving looks from Sharon and Soo Hui*
Can't a girl dwell in fangirlism in peace?

I probably will be on hiatus for a bit. I might blog when I'm bored but probably real updates from me till my exams are over.

Wish me luck!! :3

-------------- -------------------------------------- ---------------

[2 hours later]

I managed to get the fly out of my room!
It keeps banging against the glass as it was trapped between the mesh and the window.
I don't want to hear "ping" "ping" "pong" "splat" sounds from my window when I'm trying to sleep tonight
Or you'll have a very angsty Lisha next morning.

After getting rid of that fly, I went back to my table and lo and behold~!! A dead fly!
It must have been there since Summer because I haven't opened my window in ages!!

Wow. Luckily I got rid of that fly or I'd have a fly graveyard on my window sill

OH poohhhhhh~!!
There's another fly!!! >=(
This time it's a baby fly so it's not as noisy. It doesn't flap its wings as hard.
What is it?!! Is Spring fly mating season or something?! >=(


Monday, October 30, 2006

What's up with daylight savings, dude?


We had to move our clock an hour FORWARD so my dear friends who don't have to bother with turning their clocks back or forth, Adelaide-ian time is now 2 hours and a half ahead.

It's like living in the future!! HAHA!! .___.

I can't believe it took one hour away from me!! >=(

And just when I really need that hour!
I just had my quiz this morning... which would have technically been an hour later and I would have had another hour of sleep zzzzZZzzzz


Doom. Doom. Doom.

In March, we'll be turning our clocks an hour backwards and then my friend would have to turn her clock forward. Confused much?

Anyway, I asked my dear friend from Lithuania (from bww2 forums!! w00T!) who I was chatting with over MSN why we have daylight savings.
Why don't we just split the hour into half? Since we're going an hour back and they're going forward.

Split the dang hour in half!!

No one needs to turn no clock back or forth. No one would have to suffer a bodyclock disorder! (Well, if they haven't already)

She had to turn their clocks back an hour. The southerners turn their clocks an hour forward and the northerners turn their clocks an hour back. I accused her of taking that hour from me.

She told me that 'daylight savings' has something to do with saving electricity.
At this point, one eyebrow is raised..... "Ngeh?"

Yeah, but it's true. Now at 7.30pm, it's still dang bright!! *____*
Just like how it was when we first came!! ^___^

Ah wells....
Well, I would probably have wasted that hour on the forums anyho.
ROFL~!! *\(^o^)/*



hOMG!!! Exams in two weeks' time!! *runs around in panic*

Friday, October 27, 2006

Grand Opening

I finally opened the CD!!

OMG~ It was so thrilling!
I still couldn't believe that I own their latest album until I opened it.

Not till I opened the case and saw the CD.... gosh.... I realized that it was real.

Yes, that's me running my fingers across Yunnie's face. HAHAHA!

I had this sudden urge to draw Junsu when I flipped through the photobook.The nose is off. It's supposed to be stubbier.

and it's suppose to be white! not gray....It's all the camera's fault. I don't have a scanner, sadly.
Oh wells...

*prances off into the sunset*

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Meaningless rambles

Ahh bless.. I feel so loved :)

Thanks for the text message Sharon! I seriously thought you were going to talk about something else!!
HAha! I would never expect you to say something so sweet.
Ahh.. it made my day ^^
I miss you too!

I'm probably staying back for another two weeks after the exams to hunt down for a place to stay!
I really want to move out but then .... I'm not like fithy rich or anything v____v
I've got to get a place that's affordable!! Or else I won't be able to finish my course.. wait, I could just starve myself.


Ah.. nothing to blog about. I've got to finish my assignment then I can finally open that album!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

I love getting mail! x'''D

Yenny, my twinno from the bww2 forums sent me something last week.

It actually arrived the next day but somehow I never got the mail. <___<
Then yesterday, she popped by the post office to ask what happened…
it turns out that it did arrive last Wednesday, but no one was around to accept it and they left a note.


Anyway… I went to collect the parcel in the nearest post office down my street.......


she got me...........................










Dong Bang Shin Ki’s latest album!!


atop of the bubblewrap in all its glory…


I was spazzing so much I couldn’t walk straight. I was in danger of getting hit by a truck but hey! I’ll die happy! xD BUAHAHAA~!!

I’m so happy. I couldn’t believe it. I still don’t believe it!!
I want to pay her for it but she wouldn’t let me!! >.<

HAHAH! Aren't you all jealous of me?! HOHOHO~!!

I don’t know if Yenny reads my blog but thank you so much Yen!! I lovesieeee you twinno!!


*bounces off*

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Time to stock up


In my moment of weakness, I devoured a kit kat crunchy bar.

It's my emergency chocolate bar.. for those days when I need a good pick me up.. e.g. during the exam period...

and I ate it <___<


I need something to cheer me up.

Image Hosted by


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What an extremely lazy Uni student eats

Breakfast @ 9am
Crackers + an apple

Lunch @ 1pm
Instant noodles + an egg

Had a bit of the lemonade drink I bought yesterday
Had nibbles of more crackers throughout the day
Had cereal for tea @ 6pm

Dinner @ 9pm
Corn soup with noodles


HAHAHA~!! I'm so unhealthy <___<

I can't believe last semester I cooked for both lunch and dinner
It's the foruming.
It's taking up all my time xD

Oh don't worry about me. I can handle my addiction!! :)

I think <__<

Monday, October 16, 2006

SMTown's Summer Vacation MV

Well... since Cheryl wants me to post a sexier picture of her Heechul

so I shall post this....

Lol~ The picture's photoshopped of course but doesn't he look beautiful?
even more beautiful than us real girls <__<


Image Hosted by

Look at Yunnie and Heechul. They look like a beautiful couple -___-
Yes, Cheryl and I have plannd to separate them. We've booked our flights to Korea.

In other news.. Yunnie's getting better!!


I'm so glad~!! :)

And I got back one of my quiz paper. I did better than I expected which is great! ^^

Anyway.. I want you guys to watch this MV
It's hilarious!! xD

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Heechul wrote about Yunho's incident in his cyworld

cyworld is korean equivalent of myspace
Heechul of SuperJunior owns a cyworld and posts regularly...

Image Hosted by
This is Kim Heechul from SuperJunior.
and yes, he is very beautiful. He's prettier than most girls I know <___<

After he took Changmin's phone call, Kibum said
"Hyung.. Yunho hyung.. he's in the hospital after drinking something an anti fan gave him.."
What is this..
I was worried.. he spit up blood.. a drink poisoned with Super Glue..
I asked Changmin and he said they were so shocked.. and that Yunho was still asleep..

From that point, I started having a different thought..
This might make me unworthy of being a 'hyung'.. ('hyung' is 'an older brother')
'I hope this shithead gets caught.. please get caught..'
But I didn't just curse..
I even prayed..
Until now, I thought 'I could do other things in the time it takes to pray'..
But I prayed feverously..
That this garbage would be caught..

They said it was an 'injury'..
Not 'attempted murder'..?

Will they mosaic this garbage's face to protect her identity?
How much more.. what do they have to protect..
Murderers, rapists..
The friendly news that mosaics these garbage's faces..

As a proud Korean.. I don't think this is right..
I dislike studying the most and don't know anything about the law..
But.. I know what is right and wrong..
If you were born of your parents' stomachs, don't you have thought?
No.. even if you don't have thought, how could you do such a thing..?

Yunho probably accepted it with a smile, not knowing anything..
Did you see his face.. and smile as you passed on the drink..?
Are you insane.. or you've just rotted so much that your brain has rotted, too..
Are you happy seeing the article that Yunho collapsed, thinking your mission is complete?
Sure.. you must be happy selling your soul to the devil.. 18 {way of writing 씨발 shibal}..

If you've completed your mission, show your rotten face and go to hell..
You might say to me, what are you that you are cursing me..
But I'm not thoughtless enough to
Pass off something like this that happened to someone who is like my brother..

If you're Yunho's anti, then you probably come here, too?
Are you reading this?
What? Why don't you bring me a Super Glue drink to me, too?
Bring it.. I'll catch you..

And the friends of this garbage..
Please confess.. you know, right? That if you hide a criminal, you become a criminal, too..


I'm sorry..
I can't make you better..
And I can't even walk around to catch that garbage..
I can only express my anger through crooked curses..
Get better fast..

Another thing.. I'm really sorry..
I want so much for you to get better..
But I think.. I want more for the criminals to be caught..
I'm sorry I'm this kind of hyung..

I apologize.. for my rough way of talking..
I'm also a human being ..
They might say that clearly things like this could happen
But this issue.. I have a feeling that this issue is bigger than just this incident
So that Yunho will heal quickly.. so that the criminal will be definitely be caught.. please pray....

Translation credits: Tina (from friend-ryeowookitis:DBSG@LJ)
Original language: Korean

taken from in:com and cherrrrryl@bww2


I was so sad when I read this entry.. especially when he said that he failed as an "older brother" to Yunho.

And he closed his cyworld down~!!
Cheryl's really upset now :(

And today's Donghae's (another fella from SuperJunior) birthday too!!
and his best buddy Yunho's in the hospital =______=

How sad.



What a day...

Yunho's been hurt by some crazed psycho fan!!

I don't know what to believe anymore.
All I know is that he's hurt but he's currently being stabilized so.. he's going to be alright.

While filming on the drama set, it's normal for fans to bring food, flowers and gifts for their idols.
Some crazed psycho girl gave him a drink with superglue on the rim of the bottle and toxic substances in it <___<

(14.10.06) Yunho injured after filming 'Heroine 6'

Today, while TVXQ were filming 'Heroine 6', a very serious situation happened!

A fan sent TVXQ a big bottle of some kind of beverage and Yunho poured a little out to drink from it. Blood came out from his mouth, and he lost consciousness during the filming. He's now in hospital under treatment.

TVXQ were stunned and heartbroken by this turn of events. The situation is under investigation at the moment, and filming for 'Heroine 6' has been stopped temporarily. Other than Yunho, the rest of TVXQ are still at the KBS studio. Yunho's stomach has been pumped, and he's regained consciousness.

TVXQ has been asked to work with the police but they're in a state of panic now, almost frantic, unable to calm down.

The culprit has been caught. She's a TVXQ fan, a crazy one, even until their manager knows who she is. That was why she was able to get close to TVXQ to pass them her gift.

The situation is under control and all 5 members of TVXQ are basically in safety, so please do not worry.

Another article relating to this:

TVXQ's leader, Yunho, while filming 'Heroine 6', drank a beverage and his lips split.

U-know Yunho was filming KBS's 'Heroine 6' halfway, and was drinking a beverage backstage when this happened. He was unaware that the drink contained superglue [I'm sorry, but WTF?!] and in the process of drinking, his lip split.

He was immediately sent to the nearest hospital while the crew present do not understand how this could've happened. "No one could have played this kind of prank."

Translation: theonlyrealone@In:Com
Source: cocomm@17look8 +


What sort of
inhumane act is that?
Just because she doesn't like DBSK, doesn't mean she can go around try to poison them!

I say she deserves to be locked up in a room with skunks and Aaron Carter playing on repeat!!

But Yunnie's alright now, he's stabilized so I'm not too upset anymore.
How can they trust their fans anymore? :(

I was so speechless when I woke up and read it.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fragile Beauty

It's already been a week since the second half of the semester started.
It's already been a week since the 2-week study break ended.


Priya just came back from Malaysia.

She missed a whole week of lectures.
She missed a quiz that was on Wednesday which is worth 15%.

Her brother was going to get engaged so she was contemplating whether she should return to see his engagement for the two week break.

But the decision was made up for her.

The day before our two week study break started, she got a call.
Her uncle in Malaysia passed away.
She realized she was going home for a funeral instead.

She had to miss out on a week of lecturers and a quiz for the 16-day funeral.

She was supposed to come back to Adelaide yesterday but she didn't.
She only arrived this morning.


Cause she had to stay for another day of prayers.

For her friend commited suicide.

How fragile is life?

We tend to lose ourselves in our daily struggles.
Only when something tragic happens do we then stop in our tracks.
Only when something tragic happens do we realize what life is really all about.

Sadly... as time pass, we learn to move onand be engulfed by the stressors of life once more

Stop and think today.

Did you forget to tell someone that you love them?Did you finally make that overdued call to that someone?

Maybe you should.

Before it's too late.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

... and it was gone

Soo Hui and I went to Victor Habour yesterday.
We nearly missed the bus that took us there

It was quite fun. We walked around Granite Island which took about an hour or so.

It was lovely to be able to stand on the rocky cliffs and watch the waves crash against the cliff, spewing out white foam as they did.
It was heavenly just to close your eyes, listen to the roaring waves and feel the light ocean spray on your face.

We were mesmerized by the beauty.
In awe of it all.

Then we screamed when we thought no one was looking.


We saw penguins but they were tiny so we weren't really thrilled or anything.

We were more excited by food.

Soo Hui and I are like pigs.
We had 4 donuts each and Wendy's ice cream.

It's everywhere!!

We laid on the cool grass under the sun because it seemed like the right thing to do.
Soo Hui actually slept.

She can sleep anywhere

Something terrible happened!

I was munching on a piece of bread when Soo Hui pointed at something, distracting me.
Out of nowhere, this seagull swooped down from behind and snatched my bread from my hand!!


*shakes angry fist at seagull*

Oh pooh.
But Soo Hui and I had our doughnuts after that so it was alright. We actually avoided the birds in case they decided to steal our doughnuts too


Yenny reckons that it must be the bird mating season or something.
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