Sunday, May 31, 2009

Life Line

Familiarity is so very comforting.

Whenever I'm in doubt or I'm feeling frustrated, I would call my mom. Just hearing the sound of her voice on the opposite end of the line just soothes my soul.

She would listen and comfort me. She would share words of wisdom which would enable me to see with clarity. With her encouragement, I would be able to pick myself up again.

Thank you, mom. You're the best :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Second Interview

I just went for another interview. It's for a research position in the Craniofacial department of a hospital in Adelaide.

There was a panel of 4 people and they each asked me a series of questions. The interview itself wasn't too bad. I could have worded a lot of things better but I was quite nervous so I keep thinking of better answers that I could have said. Nonetheless, what's done is done and what I've gone through today will help me improve for the next interview.

However, they asked me whether I will do animal work as taking this position will require handling mice as well as killing them. I was hoping that there wouldn't be any! Instead of answering immediately, I asked them how they killed their mice and how many do they go through. Basically, the mice can be kept in a carbon dioxide chamber then killed by breaking their necks.

I was practically screaming inside my head.

They said that I'll probably kill 1-2 per month but I should be aware that there will be times when I have to kill 10 or even more.

Okay, well, that doesn't sound too bad. Right?

I said that I wouldn't mind as sometimes it's necessary to sacrifice the lives of mice or animals in order to help save lives. Sometimes animal models are required to examine the effects of a drug before it can be tested on humans.

I think I'm trying to convince myself as well.

I don't know what to think. Part of me didn't want to kill the poor mice in the name of science, while the other half thinks that it's inevitable to avoid all this especially in this field. One way or the other, I will have to use substances/chemicals/proteins extracted from animals to do my research.

I question my beliefs.

If I was given the job, would I really take it? Can I really harm these animals?
Jobs are scarce. I really need a job.

To top it all, last night I dreamt that I was attacked by this creature, which looked like a goat with a duck's head and neck. It kept lunging towards me with its head. I so did not want the beak to touch me at all.

To stop it, I had to kill it. I had a small ice-pick in my hand so I used to it to strike its neck, hoping to kill it in one fell swoop.

Instead, I ripped out part of its neck. I was horrified to see that it was still alive and struggling to attack me. I stabbed its neck repeatedly with the ice-pick but it refused to die!!
It was obviously in great pain and was suffering as I kept trying to end its life.

I felt so guilty that I was shaking.

I woke up and found myself lying in bed, shaking and sweaty from the vivid dream.

Then I had to go for the interview where I faced the reality of getting a job where I am required to scarifice mice for the sake of research.

Well.. I'll find out soon whether I'll get the job or not. Perhaps I won't get it as they're worried about my visa.

When will my permanent residency visa application get approved?!

I'm definitely calling the Department of Immigration on Monday morning to find out!

Monday, May 25, 2009

30 days of health? Fail.

Alright. I didn't exactly fail. With only a week to go, I'd say I'm doing pretty well :)

I see improvement in my fitness, skin and hair plus I think I've lost a kilo already!
Woo hoo!

I wasn't exactly a good girl for the past 3 weeks as I had Domino's pizza and their chocolate lava cake!!! Oooooo... just thinking about the chocolate lava cake makes me salivate!

I couldn't stand it anymore and decided to go out and buy some sort of chocolate fudge! Since the oven doesn't work and I've got an irrational fear of them... so I went and got Betty Crocker's 'No Bake Decadent Chocolate Fudge'!! Woots!

So pretty!

The ingredients and cookware

Looks like any chocolate powder..

Add in 1 tablespoon butter and 1/4 cup full cream milk

Microwave on high for a minute

Mix it before microwaving for an additional minute

Stir until smooth and oh.. so... sexy...

Pour into baking tray quickly before the fudge begins to solidify.
Place the tray into the fridge for at least 1 hour or till firm.

You don't need to guess what happened to the remaining scrapes of fudge.

Heh :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Uh ohs.

Last week, a teenage girl and her mother have both contracted the swine flu virus. There are three more suspected cases of swine flu in South Australia.

There are a total of 14 cases in the whole of Australia.

Perhaps it's time for me to get a mask?

Monday, May 18, 2009

I dare you

... to not sing along to this song.

I would have to say that the video makes it so much more likeable!

I could not resist the urge to sing and dance along. *points* *clap clap* *points* *clap*

And damm, Park Jin-Young (the dude who sang first) sounds like an Asian version of James Brown! For those of you who didn't know, he's the producer, CEO and founder of JYP Entertainment: the place that gave birth to Rain (whatever happened to him?), Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM (HAHA!), G.O.D, etc.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

World's Longest Poop?

Josh warned me before showing me this article.

Well, I still felt quite grossed out. So if you're eating and/or weak in the stomach, then maybe you should think twice about reading it as it does contain pictures of the 26ft long poop; the girl pooping out the poop and girl smiling with her excrement.

It's old news but it's still news to me.

There's still a bit of debate on whether it's true or not (Apparently she's an artist).

Either way, she's nuts!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

When Love Story meets Viva la Vida

If you love 'Viva la Vida' by Coldplay and 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift, then you should check this out! :D


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Interview Follow Up

This morning I called to follow up on the interview that I had not too long ago.

To be honest, I wasn't really confident that I'd get it. It has been 2 and a half weeks since the interview and there was no reply from them. I just assumed that they weren't interested.

My main purpose was to see whether I can gather some information from the follow up call.
Should I not be the chosen candidate for the job, I would ask:
  1. Why they felt that I was unsuitable for the position
  2. How well they thought I did during the interview
  3. Whether they know of any other vacant positions suitable for my skills

I was a little nervous, of course, it was somewhat daunting to have to confront possible bad news and even criticism.

The interviewer remembered me and apologized for not getting back to me. She said that they just made a decision and unfortunately, it wasn't me. I wasn't really disappointed to be honest. It was my first interview after all.

However, she then said that I was their second choice. I was a little stunned to say the least. She explained that the only reason why they selected the successful candidate over me is because he has a Masters degree, and sounded quite impressed that I managed to be their second choice out of all 37 applicants. I suppose she was trying to make me feel better about myself.

I was quite taken back that I had come so close and yet so far.

She continued and said that they have another similar position opened in 4 - 5 months' time and she would like it if I would take up the position then.

I was really pleased to hear this and took the opportunity to thank her and tell her that I would definitely love to work under her. Before we said our goodbyes, she said that she would keep me updated and will notify me if anything else comes up :)

I'm still buzzing from the excitement even though there's really nothing much to be excited about. I feel recharged and ready to dive into those pile of job adverts.

In the last week or so, I've been feeling rather down. I often wondered why no one wanted to hire me.

Was I doing something wrong?

Is it because my resume and cover letter look boring or are inadequate?

Why won't anyone give me a chance?

So very often I would forget that times are bad and jobs are scarce. I would go back and forth in my resume and scrutinizing every word, every sentence. Frankly, I felt like I was simply unemployable.

However, now I feel like I have gained my confidence back and am much more hopeful.
I will still continue to persevere and apply for more jobs :)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Decisions, decisions

I sooooo want this!

Which do you think is better?
The orange and brown or black and white?

I like the orange/brown one but two people suggested that I get the black/white one.
Hmmm.... *rubs chin*

Friday, May 08, 2009

The Magic Box

The child in me always wanted one of these!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower

So I braved the cold and stayed up all night so I could catch the meteor shower.
If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, read my previous post. NOW.


Accompanied by a friend who enjoyed star-gazing, a star watching program running on the laptop and a compass, we sat out and watched.

Unfortunately, despite getting information that it was going to be a great night to watch as the moon won't be too bright, it was ............. extremely cloudy.

12 AM

1 AM

2 AM

3 AM

4 AM

I used a white balancing option on the camera which gives me the ability to capture in the dark but sometimes I'd capture objects in an eerie glow of green.

As you can see, it was pretty cloudy all night. BOO.

However, I did spot a total of three meteors going by! They were so brief that you'd think you were imagining the sudden sparkles in the night sky. Luckily I had someone watching with me so I know I'm not insane.
Each of them were sudden and unexpected as we didn't really think we get to see any through the clouds but were patient enough to wait in hope that the clouds would go away.
The last one stunned us as it was accompanied by a huge streak of light.

Unfortunately it was still really cloudy by 4.30 AM
With only an hour to go before the end of the meteor shower peak, it didn't seem as if the skies were going to clear so we decided to quit.

It was pretty cool to be able to be able to catch a glimpse of the meteor shower, even if it was just three meteors streaking by. It would have been better if the those pesky clouds would go away but hey, I've got no control over mother nature.

After spotting each meteor going by, each of us fell silent, clasped our hands together and made a wish. Yes, there's no way these massive rocks can grant wishes but there's no harm trying.
And fortunately for me, I had exactly three wishes ;)

Sorry guys. I was really hoping to catch something on video, but I'm just fortunately not to catch a cold instead :)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Meteor Shower!

If you're living in Australia (or live in the southern hemisphere) and always wanted to see a meteor shower then you're in luck!

You may be able to witness one of the best meteor showers if you don't really mind staying up all night or walking up really early.

As it's an annual occurrence, it's thought to happen sometime late April to early May of every year. According to the blog of the Sydney Observatory, the best meteor showers will occur sometime between 3.23 AM and 5.37 AM (GMT +10:00 Sydney, Melbourne time)

So that means it'll happen sometime 2.53 and 5.07 AM here in Adelaide.

I checked out another blog (aptly named the 'Meteorblog') which says that during the peak, we may be able to witness up to 60 meteors per hour! That's like an average of one per minute. That ain't too shabby aye?

It also says that you should search for Venus, which will appear as a large non-twinkling star. Ideally you should watch it from a dark area but the moon will be bright tonight so it might be difficult to see.

So will I stay up and watch?
Hmm. I might. Heh.
What? It's cold!
I might sit out all wrapped up with a hot mug of milo. I might.

Well, if I miss it, there's another one in October.

If anyone manages to see it, I would so love to know! :D

Credits and Links:
Sydney Observatory Blog:
Meteor Blog:

Sunday, May 03, 2009

30 days of Health


This is it! Starting tomorrow I'm going to spend 30 days being healthy by eating right and exercising!

It's fortunate that I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian, I still get enough vitamins, proteins, iron and other valuable minerals and ions from eating my veggies and dairy products.

However I suspect that I might be lacking in some vitamins so I'm going to be taking slow-release multi-vitamin capsules everyday.

My plan is to get some sort of exercise everyday, either 15 minutes of aerobics or 30 minutes of jogging. Hey, I hardly do exercise so this will be INTENSE for me.
Hopefully as I get fitter and stronger, I'll increase the distance/minutes.

I am notorious for not drinking water so my goal is to have at least 1 litre of water everyday.
I will also kick start my day by drinking water with a little lemon squeezed into it (Oh, how I crave for it now).

To be honest, I have already started all this (but not consistently) so I'm ready to take on this challenge! I won't beat myself if I miss a day or even indulge in treats (Hey, everything in moderation right?) but I will get back on my feet the next day.

Some of you are probably surprised by this (Like "Lisha and exercise? Are you sure?") or maybe you don't really care or understand why I need to declare this in my blog.
I guess if I announce it to the world (or at least to all 10 of you) then I'll have to really do it, don't I?

Plus, I'm hoping that by 3rd June, this would already have become a habit :)

So GO ME!!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Lord of the Phones

Now I'm definitely not one who'd go crazy over the latest technology. I've always opted for basic functions over the latest 'I'm-so-cool-and-shiny-worship-me' gadgets.
BUT the iPhone really makes me swoooooooon.


Alright, alright.. when Apple announced that they were going to release the iPhone, there was a mad frenzy. I was unfazed by it.

In fact, everytime anyone mentions it, large bold wordings of OVERRATED would flash in my head and I would have to resist the urge to roll my eyes.

I had automatically assumed that like the iPod, the iPhone too was overrated.

Then I watched an advert on TV, displaying its functions and many applications.
The first ad was directed at surfers but was a good demonstration of its use.

Using an application, you could check out the waves and tides then use the GPS system to map out your directions, calculate the gas used and split it among your mates!


I played with Rudi's iPhone and was amazed at the range of applications that you could download and use. There were so many tools, utilities and games!

Plus it's pretty cheap too! With a plan (by Optus), you pay about $57 per month over a period of 2 years! (That includes about $300? worth of credit too!)

Me wants.
Even though I don't surf or own a car.

One day.
One day.
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