Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Goth that got away

It was Sunday and the buses didn't come very often but still I waited for one in order to head to uni.
Yes, uni on a Sunday. It was for some discussion prior to an exam. Am not a nerd!!!

As one arrived, I eagerly hopped on to escape the cold. There wasn't anyone in the bus except for a man asleep in the back.
I picked out a seat nearest to the back door.

The driver got out for a ciggy break and so we had to wait.
As I flipped through my notes, I realized that someone was behind me. It was that man. He had moved from the back to the seat directly behind me.

I felt uneasy and sat onto the edge of my seat, not wanting to be near him.

After the bus driver got in and picked up a huge group of skater boys. I sat back into my seat cause I figured he wouldn't dare do anything with so many people watching.

Not too long after I felt something on my waist. I turned and found fingers with chipped black nail polish trying to ease their way between my bag and I.
I immediately freaked out and jumped away.

I don't know what he was trying to do but I figure he was most likely after my bag.
Although it's a sling bag and he would have never been able to get anything.
The idiot.

I should have screamed. I know.
I was just too freaked out too.

He had leaned right onto the back of my seat and slid his hand between the side of the bus and the seat. So when I turned, I catch a glimpse of his face. He had dirty blonde hair, dressed in all black and drew a scar over his pale forehead. I couldn't see his eyes. I'm not sure if he had closed them or I must have panicked a little too much to catch everything.

As I sat, I was fuming with anger and yet I was dead scared. I checked if everything was there and thankfully, nothing was missing.

I was afraid that he would follow me when I got off the bus or something.
I feared that if I caused a commotion, he would beat the crap out of me the next time he saw me. After all.. Adelaide is really, really small.

As the bus got near to my stop, I got out of my seat and stood close to the skater boys.
He didn't follow me.
I couldn't do anything but glare at him as I got down from the bus.
ARGH! I was so pissed and now thinking about it, I'm still pissed!!! >.<

If only I had said something.. I wish I did.
I should have made a scene.

Who knows. . . the next victim might not be so lucky. .

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