Monday, January 25, 2010

Cute pegs

So right after yesterday's rant, I went on a hunt and came home with these!!

I bought some cute colour pegs, some flower rhinestones, candy-coloured beads, some ribbons and of course, good old PVA craft glue! :D

The most creative person has the messiest work table. True? True that.

 Not long after the glue has dried!! I've made these cute little clip-ons!


Not original and very amateurish but they make me so happy!!

One for my memo pad ♥

 Shopping List ♥

To Do List ♥

I used a card for an example but if you join multiple pegs together on a piece of string, like that of a normal clothesline, you can hang small cards or photos in a similar fashion ^O^

I'm currently looking for fruits and bows decorations to add to my collection :3

Oh and um, before I forget, Happy Australia Day tomorrow!! :D


kenwooi said...

yes, they are cute! =)

LishyWishy ♥ said...

Yeah, I think so too!! *proud*
Thank you!! ^O^

Liz said...

wow nice! good way to kill time also :D

Mingming said...


ken hin said...

Very creative

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