Friday, March 09, 2012


O hai! I have returned!!

Sorry, I was away on a week-long business trip in Shanghai and Hong Kong ;)

It was fourth time to HK, but first time I've visited China.
Shanghai was great! I thoroughly enjoyed myself because the staff in Shanghai were ace!!
I miss them already! :(

Anyway, you don't really want to hear me talk about work! I'm sure you want to see my shopping haul!

Makeup did cost me a fair bit but still MUCH cheaper than if I purchased them in Australia!
Majolica Majorca mascara was half price at AU$15!!

These were less than AU$2 each!


I love crowns!

 Love these bags! They both cost less me than AU$60!

 Anyway, guess who turned 25?!

Unfortunately I had to leave for my conference the day after my birthday, but it didn't matter. I spent it with my Joshy ♥

Hmm.. actually when I think about it, I met him when I was 20
So in a month and a half's time, we will be celebrating our 5th year anniversary together.

Ah... life is good ;)


kerker said...

New follower =) randomly stumbled onto your blog! I'm from australia too and you are right about the make up here being expensive, can we get anymore ripped off??? How lucky to be travelling for work! Love the stuff you bought!!! I did buy the hairbump thing off ebay but didnt do much for my thin hair haha

anyway, if you have time please stop by my blog @ The Ugly Moments. Looking forward to more post lovey!

xo kerker

Katherine Tealeaf said...

Definitely agreeing with you that Australia is overpriced! The dolly wink lashes you bought were so cheap compared to here. ^^ Also you and your partner have been together so long, congratulations. :3

LishyWishy ♥ said...

@kerker: I know righttttt! I wish I can shop in Asia all the time!! Grrr!!
LOL, perhaps the hair bump thing is only good for updos?? I actually have very thick hair but the hair bumps still can't be covered well :|
Maybe we're just not skilled enough T__T

@Katherine: Thank you for your kind words ♥
Yeah, even though I suck at applying falsies on, I couldn't pass it up since it was more affordable. LOL, some how that made more sense when I paying for it!!

*♥alentinaDang said...

Holy so many nice lush eyelashes ~ friggen love Asia to the max! Stalking eye candies is such a perfect blog name for these sorts of hauls and cute knick knacks heheh :)

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