Sunday, November 05, 2006

S.W.O.T that fly

It's SWOT vac week! hOMG!
FYI, SWOT - Studying WithOut Teachers.

Aissshhh.. my first paper will be on the 13th?... That's like a week away and I've only started studying. Yeah... I've been busy with my practical report and yesh, foruminggggggg---- WHAT THE....... o___O"
There's a fly in my room!!! =____=

Ho hum. Nothing new to blog about.
I'm still addicted to foruming.
Still addicted to Triple Berry cereal
Still addicted to DBSK

oh but I have a new addiction.....
Boost Juice.


Damm.. that fly is starting to annoy me.
No, I will not swat it.
I am an animal lover!!!

Okay, it's not an "animal" but still a living thing!!
It's trying to get out through the window. Which has like a mesh over it. >____>
I wish flies didn't have to see things differently from us humans, then it'd realize it's a mesh and exit through the door instead.
I can't imagine if we view things the way flies do!! I can't imagine spending hours trying to exit through my window.

Why am I talking about a fly?! *sweatdrop*
Well, at least now I have a title for this post.... (+___+)

w00t~!! My net quota will be up pretty soon! On Tuesday!! HURRAY!!
*Sees the disapproving looks from Sharon and Soo Hui*
Can't a girl dwell in fangirlism in peace?

I probably will be on hiatus for a bit. I might blog when I'm bored but probably real updates from me till my exams are over.

Wish me luck!! :3

-------------- -------------------------------------- ---------------

[2 hours later]

I managed to get the fly out of my room!
It keeps banging against the glass as it was trapped between the mesh and the window.
I don't want to hear "ping" "ping" "pong" "splat" sounds from my window when I'm trying to sleep tonight
Or you'll have a very angsty Lisha next morning.

After getting rid of that fly, I went back to my table and lo and behold~!! A dead fly!
It must have been there since Summer because I haven't opened my window in ages!!

Wow. Luckily I got rid of that fly or I'd have a fly graveyard on my window sill

OH poohhhhhh~!!
There's another fly!!! >=(
This time it's a baby fly so it's not as noisy. It doesn't flap its wings as hard.
What is it?!! Is Spring fly mating season or something?! >=(


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