Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sweet sweet freedom





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I am free!! I am FREEE!!!

Wow. This is crazy!! I've finished my 2nd year!! Next year will be my last year.
Wow. I will be 20 next year.
Mannnn!!! I suddenly feel old!! >.<

My dear housemates just left for the airport this afternoon.. at this very moment, they're still thousands and thousands of feet in the air, making their way home. A
ishh... I will miss them. Of all the housemates that I've had, they are the most tolerant and probably the nicest. They're such great people. I will miss them dearly.

And do you know what?

I actually refrained myself from foruming for 4 whole days!!
HAHAHA! Sharon and Seng Kheng will be so proud!!
Now I can forum all I want! BUAHAHAHA!!

At the very moment, I'm in Soo Hui's place. I'm staying over for the night and I'm able to use her sweet sweet high speed internet *nosebleeds* and she has air-conditioning!!
Do you know it's actually 34 degrees now? It's soooo hot!!
But she'll be going to Sydney on Monday for a week so hopefully by the time, she comes back, she won't knock on my door and find a shrivelled raisin for a friend >___<

Someone send help!
You can send me:
a) packs of ice cubes
b) an air-conditioner
c) tubs of ice cream (preferably chocolate chip mint)
d) a flight ticket to Korea (Hey, it's winter there okay?)
e) money. Lots of money.

Thank you :)

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