Friday, July 23, 2010

Review: Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara

After a few failed attempts, I have found an amazing mascara!! *prances
I present to you.... Maybelline's Colossal Volume Express Mascara (Waterproof)!

*thunderous applause

The brush of this mascara is massive, hence the name 'The Colossal'!

Look at the number of bristles there are on this huge brush!
Compare it to these other two mascara I've used: Revlon 3D Extreme, and LelanVital Extreme Lash.

I've read somewhere that Revlon do not carry good mascaras at all. And it's true. Revlon 3D Extreme was so disappointing. 

It was very clumpy and gave me panda eyes two minutes after I've put it on! 
The brush was easy to use though.

LelanVital's mascara is pretty good. I have used it for about two years now and loved it as it did not smudge at all! The brush is pretty average in size so it's easy to use.
However, its place has officially been taken over by Maybelline's Colossal Mascara ♥.

This is truly a great mascara. Maybelline makes great mascaras. I used their 'Full n Soft' mascara for a while and was impressed by it.

I know, I know, I've been going on and on forever, and you haven't seen any results yet.
So on with the obligatory 'before' and 'after' shots!

 *please note that the mascara is not the actual size, i just photoshopped it in with my awesome PS skills!

Pretty awesome huh?

  • Curls are held all day long
  • It doesn't clump
  • It easily fans out lashes to give you the wide-eyed look
  • It definitely adds length and volume to your lashes
  • Cheap! It retails at approximately A$18. I actually got it for about A$11 during a sale, which is even better! Woo hoo!
  • People actually notice the difference! Some of my colleagues have asked why my lashes suddenly look so long and thick! MUAHAHAHA!

  • As mine was waterproof, it was quite difficult to remove at the end of the day. Perhaps I have to get a better eye make up remover?
  • The brush is quite large, so I ended up smearing a little on my top eyelid while coating my eyelashes. That being said, it's easy to fix; just use a business card and hold it against your eyelid (behind your lashes) as you use the mascara

I was actually standing in Priceline, debating on getting either Maybelline's Lash Stiletto or the Colossal for a while. I ended up getting the Colossal because it was on sale (I know. I'm cheap.)

As I went to pay for it, the lady behind the counter said that I made a wise decision as the Colossal is an amazing mascara. She turned around to her colleague to tell her the same thing. Her colleague exclaimed, "Yeah, I know right? I'm using it right now! :D"

At first I was like, 'well, they are salespeople, of course they'd say stuff like that'.
Tell me, how many times has some sales assistant said to you "oh heavens no sweetie!! Your bum doesn't look big at all in those jeans!" yet the minute you wear them out, people comment that you've gained weight?

Anyway, I'm really glad I bought it.
I totally love the Colossal to bits! ♥

PS: Why is my chatbox being hijacked by bots(?) trying to promote random websites?! >=(

// Will update soon ♥


Bunny said...

Woah.. that's a huge difference! I think I might need to get some.

LishyWishy ♥ said...

Yeah, I know!! I doubt I'd be able to find another mascara that can live up to The Colossal!

LaugHinG piLLzzz said...

it is the best mascara to date! it made my practically non-existing lashes look almost er... long?

Ruth said...

This is my favourite mascara and the best I have ever bought!

Anonymous said...

Im definitely going to get this mascara.

I went shopping whilst on holiday one day, and I picked up a pair of shorts. The saleslady immediately grabbed it out of my hands and returned it with the rest and told me that my legs were to thick and it wouldn't fit. she then proceeded to choose some other shorts that would fit and make my legs look skinnier. I was.. shell-shocked.

iza said...

actually i work at priceline and if im behind the register i dont bullshit when someone has a great product... i like to tell them because i cant help myself...
if they have shit products i keep my mouth shut... and think well ur gonna find that one out later haha...
i really am tired of everyone being so fake with their opinions and i hate being compared to a clothing store... we dont get paid on a comission salary! usually clothing stores do, its totally different... u only need to watch out for the beauty advisors opinions because they are the stores actual sales people (unless shes me, i always get what the person is after and i rather make my people happy then have them take something they feel forced into) ... everyone else is just an employee doing their duties... anyways i thought i might enlighten u with my honest thoughts and actually that product always gives me mixed feedback... some people love love it others hate it... i think its designed for people who have tiny sparse lashes and who have used that kind of brush type before...

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