Saturday, November 27, 2010

Review : Silkymit

Ah... unwanted hair, the bane of countless men* and women.
*Trust me, we have a lot of men coming into our clinic for hair removal.

Now, after being recommended by a friend to try Silkymit, a painless alternative to waxing or shaving, I decided to give it a go.


I didn't expect much but I was disappointed when I opened the pack. Inside, there were three "gloves" which were made out of cardboard.

You basically slip a hand through the openings and glide it in circular movements up and down your limbs.
Very easy to use; much like an exfoliation glove.

So I tried it first on my leg. After a few tries, I ran my hand down and I was disappointed as it has not effectively removed much hair.
I had a few more tries but then found that it was beginning to irritate my skin.


Then it felt like it was burning!
I immediately slapped on some soothing balm which helped calm my skin.

Still, this did not deter me.

Perhaps I was applying too much pressure?
So I tried it on my other leg, which did not irritate as much but like before, did not remove a lot of hair at all.

Then I thought maybe it only works on fine hairs?
I then had a go on my forearm, which gave better results than the legs. There was hardly any irritation at all on my arms so I was pleased. I then put some moisturizer on as my arms felt dry.

However, after a few days, I've noticed that the skin on my arms were rough and scaly. I assume that through the exfoliation, I had broken my skin.

Now I'm not one with sensitive skin so I was a bit surprised at how my skin reacted.

Before and After Photos of Arm

My friends, I'm sure you're dying to know:

Does Silkymit work?
Yes and no.
It did remove hair, yes. I personally find that it's not effective on newly grown hairs but works alright for fine, wispy hairs. As you can see from the photo above, it did remove most of the fine hairs on my arms. On my legs, I could still feel stubble after using Silkymit. Mmm... sexy.

How long does it take for the removed hairs to grow back?
Almost immediately. It's very much like shaving an area.

Will you recommend Silkymit?
No. My friend raved about it but personally, it doesn't do it for me. Not worth the risk of breaking my skin and the possible burning irritations.
Moreover, the hair grows right back.
I would rather shave.

Sexy :D

// ♥


lissy said...

you should try sugaring, it doesnt hurt as much as waxing and its heaps cheaper and easier :D

LishyWishy ♥ said...

Sounds yummy! HAHAHA!

I've heard of sugaring before, once upon a time. I've totally forgotten about it! Will test it out next time!

Thanks for your input!! <3

Anonymous said...

You could try rubbing in a circular kind of motion? my sister has this and that's how she does it

Mingming said...

Last night,I had my tv on this silly channel with all these weird products for sale. have u heard of NO-NO?
its pretty neat. Maybe u could do a review on that. LOL.
Take care Cuzzie.
Merry Christmas and HAPPY new Year!!

Anonymous said...

DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT UNDER YOUR ARMS !!!! I was stupid enough to ignore the lable that says for legs only and decided to give it a go under my arms now for 2 days now I have a very painful bright red rash there

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