Monday, March 21, 2011

KONAD Nail Art Kit

Lo and behold!! 

A Konad Nail Art Set!


I can't believe I own one of these!!
The kit was part of a birthday package from the awesome Yenny!

Other items I received are cute cookie cutters in the shape of animals! And DOMO-KUN socks ♥!!!

I have to show you the picture of the items because of the way she wrapped the konad set! She ran out of wrapping paper and left it unfinished!
BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Sounds like something I'd do too!
In her defense, she had a good reason why she left it unfinished! XD

I just only started playing with the Konad set. I have heard of it from other bloggers but had no clue as to what it was or it even looked like.
So when I unwrapped it, it took me a while to register it was THE Konad set.

The instructions seemed simple enough but I still managed to stuff up my first attempt!

For those of you who still live under a rock, (hey, nothing with that. I, too, lived under a rock until a Konad nail set came into my life), a Konad set allows you to transfer patterns from an image plate (on which patterns and designs are engraved on) onto your own nails using quick-drying special 'Konad' nail polish, a scrapper, and a rubber stamp.

Here are video instructions by the lovely Jen from

If you prefer voice narration, then try this video link below:
It's quite funny how the lady in the video is lip-syncing. KEKEKE!

Anyho! For my first try, I used Konad's image plate M64

I used white nail polish for the pattern and clear nail polish as its base.

Pretty awesome! Of course, I managed to stuff up a little but I'm pretty happy with it.
Also I adorned my fourth finger with a black bow using Sally Hansen's nail art pen for a quirky smart look. Hehee!

Me loves



Pretty in colors! said...

dats cute <3

LishyWishy ♥ said...

Ya! You should get one too!! :D :D

Uncle Yenny said...

Oh Twinno!! You had to shed public light on my shoddy wrapping skills... T__T
haha XD
I'm so glad you like the set! And your nails look uber nice, especially with the cute black bow! :3 Very creative indeed!

Ling @thebestbeautyblog said...

So pretty!! I want!!!

LishyWishy ♥ said...

@Yenners: I know you'll forgive me ;)
Because you love meeeee!

@Ling: You should definitely get one!!!!

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