Sunday, January 30, 2011

Opps. Unintentional neglect!!

Sorry, I didn't mean to neglect my blog and its readers (if any left... *O*)

January's been a busy month of mingling with others whilst celebrating the new year and working extremely hard.
Again, I popped into Perth to work in the clinic for a week. 

But it's partly my fauly as I umm... was greatly distracted by a new DS game I purchased; Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands (It's so addictive! Dammit!!!) and also by my cute little crabbies at home! :D

Their little crabitat has been pimped! Look at how awesome it is now.
Yes, yes, please stop praising me, I am well-aware of how awesome I am.

The new year also brought new presents! WOO HOOOOO!! Well, this actually a belated Christmas pressie from my one and only twinno Yenny!

There are too many cute little gifts in one parcel. Nearly died of cute overdose.

Unfortunately my gift to her was lost during transit :( 
BOOO! I'm still in the middle of getting a new set of things and sending it to her. If you're reading this twinno (and I know you do *hearts*), please be a bit more patient!

I'm actually typing very furiously now, so please excuse any typing/spelling errors (I can't spell for sh*ts)
Why?? Because I'm leaving for the airport in .... 12 minutes! I'm on my annual leave and am flying back to Brunei!

My new awesome bag on the right btw! It's so Korean and chic! Me loves it!

I actually have been wanting to blog for a while because I want to show you my new cute multi-coloured polka dotted nails! They look so yummy no??

Unfortunately they have started to chip off now and I'm running out of time. 
See! You shouldn't complain because I chose to update my blog than to re-do my nails!

Okay! Must go now! Shouldn't be late!
I've missed flights before -___-
Hopefully I didn't jinx this one by saying that!

Hope everyone has had a good new year! And to those who are celebrating Chinese New Year.

// ♥
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