Tuesday, January 30, 2007

U to B to D

I was almost eager to go back to Uni (Yeah, I'm a nerd, so sue me)
so when Sharon asked me to accompany her in attending two of her classes in UBD, I jumped at the chance.

The only problem was that her car was being repaired and we had to use her uncle’s...
which has no air-conditioning, not even a cassette player let alone a CD player.
But she couldn’t talk to herself all the way up, could she?

Anyway we attended 2 classes; chemistry and math.

The lecturers were really… dull creatures. Gosh, they lectured students to be punctual and give you nasty stares if you exit the room early.
It’s so different from the totally laid-back Aussie lecturers.
AND the internet was painfully slow. TT___TT
Jean, Sharon and I played ‘solitare’ on the computers while waiting for the webpages to load.
(.___.) I really pity them.

The only interesting part was getting to meet old friends again.
When Jean stepped into the Chemistry lecture room, she was took a step back upon recognizing me. Then she immediately excused herself, saying that she wasn’t really awake yet and needed to go to the toilet.
After returning, she cautiously made her way to the seat next to me and pinched me!! When I gave a cry, she went, “Okay… you’re real.”
In Math, I met an old friend of mine back in Sayiddina Ali. Did I spell that right? Anyway, it was good fun till the lecturer was looking our way .___.

It was also a little scary, I’ve never seen anyone guard an ATM machine before.
They have men with rifles standing by.
We have an ATM machine in our uni but no one gives a damm!!
Another reason for me to head to UBD was to scoop out the eye-candies. Sharon warned me before so I wasn’t too disappointed. But I was disappointed anyhow.
No. of eye-candies: Zilch!
Okay, almost zilch. I did spot a couple of above average guys. Boo!!

Oh, we also went to Empire Hotel. It’s like that bit of paradise in Brunei that really makes you feel you’re somewhere really exotic.
While we were there, there was a party going on but we weren’t invited. *sniff*
Anyway, we headed onto the beach and spotted this!!

A flyingfish on top of a banana boat!

I couldn’t help saying that the banana boat looks funny. Doesn’t it look funny? Not really like ‘ha-ha funny’, more like ‘peculiar-funny’.

Damm, it looks funny.

And we spotted this tiny watermelon that was growing near Sharon’s hostel.
Look at how cute it is! I want to stick it into a square frame and get a square watermelon.

The drink’s Sharon’s.

She wanted something with caffeine to keep her awake for the journey home so we don't crash and burn,etc ... but ... if you notice on the can itself, it says ‘caffeine free’.

So I had to keep her awake by juggling invisible balls.

No. Really.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Beetle on wheels

Some of you may have known the trip to Bandar that Sharon Yong had.
Yeah well, I was with her.
Okay, we did get lost. But it wasn’t really that bad. It’s just that whenever we took a wrong turn, we had to wait AGES to find a U-turn.

At first Sharon was elated, shouting “Woo hoo!! Let’s get lost!”
At the time, I just realized for the first time that my best friend’s insanity could potentially harm me but I couldn’t exactly jump out the car, roll off into some grass patch by the roadside and have my hair looking good just like the movies, could I?
Anyway when we did get somewhat lost, I was the more laidback one.
Perhaps I was in denial.
Whaddaya mean we’re lost? We were just heading the wrong way!

Anyho, she became rather panicky and radioed in for help. Soon enough this helicopter came swooping down from behind. After we parked the car, we stepped out to meet our saviour. Lo and behold! Jung Yunho hopped out from the chopper and walked towards us.
Everyone held their breaths as he spoke. In a deep husky voice, he asked, “Will you marry me, Lisha?”
And then I ruined it all by dying of a major nosebleed attack.

Yeah. Sucky.

While we were in Bandar, Sharon was playing this game called “Slugbug” (or something like that. I seriously need to pay more attention.) where whenever you spot a Volkswagen Beetle, you shout “Slugbug!” and proceed to slap/hit/smack your friend.
The one who swats their opponent the most wins.
She doesn’t like playing with me because apparently I’m not into it. Why do I need to play to slap her on the arm? I can just slap her arm period.

Anyway, she lives off the thrill of winning. The parasite.

But now that she’s gone back to Uni, I find myself slapping my brother on the arm whenever I spot a Beetle!


Ngeh… they’re sorta cute, I suppose.

It really does look like a bug. Doesn’t it? *shudders*

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tag! You’re it! *prances*

Okay, I got tagged with this “Answer-And-Tag-Questionaire” and because I’m bored and have nothing else to do, I actually completed it. It’s pretty short anyway.

Words to sum up 2006:
Interesting, fun yet difficult. It’s a pretty tough year.

The most interesting thing that happened in 2006:
I went to a Dong Bang Shin Ki concert and made Yunho smile. WHAHAHAAA~ I don’t care what you say, I really did. *sticks tongue out at you*

Name three new friends you’ve met in 2006 who are worth keeping:

My twinno Yenny, Cheryl and my Korean friend Ah Rum! *twirls*

One thing you regret from 2006:
Allowing peer pressure to get to me.

One thing you learnt from 2006:
I don’t have a passport. *eye twitch*

One thing you’re looking forward to in 2007:
Sweet, sweet high speed internet of ADSL 2+. *drool*

5 people you tag with this quiz:
Anyone else who reads this!! Especially Sharon, Teresa, Chow Mei, Seng Kheng (if he’s reading this) and Soo Hui (but she might be too busy with piano to bother)

Post a recent picture of you:
Here’s a pic of my brother and I. Doesn’t he look cute here?? xD

Question: What’s up with the new blogger anyway? I tick ‘Remember me’ everytime I log in and it doesn’t remember me!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Perfecting the Art of Stalking

If first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

That’s what they all say.

And so Sharon and I scouted drove around town again with another mission to stalk a Subaru. To our delight the same gorgeous Subaru was right there for us to stalk.
The timing was perfect; the restaurant was closing soon and the owner would have to leave!
So we parked ourselves nearer to it, this time we weren’t letting it out of our sight.
Well, that was the plan but somehow our patience ran out so we decided to go one round and come back but just as we passed the restaurant, a group of guys came out.

Well, it was quite a thrill actually though I may have a bad habit of ducking my head under the dashboard every time a car passes by.

Most essential stalking gear: Shades

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sexy Back? All I want is a Sexy Mouth

I just came back from the newly opened foh tang (temple) in Sungai Liang.
This kid from my neighbourhood flirted with me.
*shudders* I’ve known him since he was a little boy.
Ew-ness! Well I suppose he’s a normal teenage boy with raging hormones.
Great. Just great.

But there’s this other kid who caught my eye.
When he walked through the door, there was something endearing about him, although he looks mature for his age, I’m pretty sure he’s younger than me.
My mom says probably a couple of years…STILL!! I shouldn’t be a pedophile like Sharon.
Oh nooooooooooooi!!
Anyway, he’s got nice sharp features which are quite big.
Wow! Someone with bigger features than me!
I wasn’t that interested at first. I mean he’s younger than me but it didn’t help that he was sitting in my view. I found myself glancing at him often.


He’s got a nice side profile which showed a big sharp nose and a very sexy mouth.
When he laughed, he turned his face towards me and I saw what a sexy mouth he has.

Quite like Donghae’s from SuperJunior.
Ohmigawd!! That’s it! He looks like Donghae! *___*

And I just texted Sharon She replied and asked me what I meant by a sexy big mouth.
Le gasp! Did she just ask that??
To prove my point, I shall post pictures of Donghae’s big mouth.

I bet you could fit a Big Mac or two in that! RAWR~!!
Okay, the pics aren’t that flattering. I got them off SuperJunior’s music video but you have to see the big mouth in action. When he was singing, I couldn’t stop staring at his big sexy mouth. *dabs off drool forming at the corner of my lips*

I keep wondering what it must be like to kiss such a big mouth.
Would it swallow my lips whole?

Rawr-ness!!I don’t care! My next boyfriend will have a big mouth! *O*

I am pretty sure this entry will come back and haunt me.
But for now… *prances*

Welcome to a stalker’s world.

To survive out there in the cruel world, you’d need L33T stalking skills.

Picture this, two rather attractive young ladies driving around the quaint town of KB, with too much time on their hands but nothing to do.
To make things simpler we shall call one Sharon and the other Lisha.
The two are quite opposite of one another but shared a number of common interests such as cute guys, Orlando Bloom, guys and so forth to be the best of friends (most of the time)
However, Sharon had a rather odd obsession with Subarus while Lisha on the other hand, had a quite thing for a particular Korean boyband’s leader, Yunho who has a reason to worry.

Anyway, before I get too carried away… while they were driving around aimlessly, Sharon spotted a very beautiful sleek Subaru parked right in front of Marilyn’s CakeHouse (which is a nice place really :D )
Sharon practically drooled at the sight of it.
Yes. She nearly did.
The night was young so they did what anyone else would have done in their situation… they decided to STALK it. Now, the car’s parked and it made no sense to stalk it but that didn’t stop them. It was ten minutes to twelve and the CakeHouse would close at midnight. The owner of the Subaru would have to leave soon and then they could chase after it!

They would love to have parked right next to it but then it would seem to obvious (or rather it would seem very odd that two girls are just sitting in the car eyeing the Subaru next to them) so Sharon decided to park her car far from it. She hopped into the backseat hoping to get a better look while Lisha wondered how she got dragged into this.

As it got closer and closer to midnight, their anticipation grew. Then they saw bright white lights (trademark of a Subaru’s) and ducked behind their seats to avoid being seen!!
“OMG!” Sharon chuckled with glee.
But alas, no Subaru passed them.

Where did it go?

Sharon shot up, “Oh no!! He might have used the other exit!”

And he did.

Aishh… so they didn’t really stalk any Subaru that night… but knowing Sharon, there will most likely be a next time.
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