Sunday, March 28, 2010


From: Sunday Herald Sun | March 28, 2010 12:00AM

Parents give their twin boys the middle name Danger so they can say "Danger is my middle name".

 LOL! How cute!! XD

Oh, sorry for not updating much lately. I have a very good excuse; ONE. Josh and I spent the previous weekend helping friends move house (I'm so envious of their new apartment!! T.T) and TWO. The big boss was back in town for a full week so I've been running around the clinic like a mad woman trying to keep up with him. It's suffice to say that most (if not all) staff members are glad that he's gone next week. LOL!
I went to bed at 9.30pm the other night because I was so hammered! 9.30!! Unheard of! Especially since I tend to sleep around midnight.


Anyho, we've conducted a couple of interesting procedures at work. We performed another labiaplasty (woo hoo...) and there was a large liposuction procedure whereby more than 2 litres of pure fat was removed from the patient (that nearly took up the whole day).

So since I was so worn out each day, I usually treat myself to a game of Pet Society, Social City or watched youtube clips from CommunityChannel (by Natalie Tran). I am NOT a youtuber. I hardly ever youtube anything but I totally love Natalie Tran! Josh doesn't think she's that funny and isn't that amused by her acting... maybe I'm easily impressed?

Maybe you should check her out and decide for yourself.
Oh yeah, she's from Australia but really, she has more of a British accent than an Aussie one.

Anyway, Josh's good friend has moved to Melbourne so we've been helping him and his girlfriend move to their new place. They're renting a rather small but cosy, modern apartment in the city. It's such a gorgeous place that Josh is rather anxious to get one of his own! LOL

One day perhaps... one day....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My old love

for reading has been rekindled!

Man, I used to be such a bookworm; what happened to me?? Nowadays I just read magazines. Not even the newspaper (since I can watch it on telly or read it online ^O^)

Have gotten myself The Picture of Dorian Gray a week ago.
So far so good :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mooba Festival

The Moomba Festival is an annual festival held over Labour Day long weekend. It's a free festival and takes place around the Yarra River in the city.

Despite the terrible weather that plagued the festival (A super-cell storm that brought heavy hail stones and flooded the city!!), Josh and I decided to seize the opportunity on a seemingly sunny Sunday.

There were definitely lots of things to see and do!

There were some street performers.

 A snake-man??

Lots of activities for the kids.


Carnival rides!!! :D

Lots of food!! ♥

I loveeee corn on the cob!! ♥♥♥

Water-sports; water-skiing!

It's really amazing how far they actually flew!!

Unfortunately, Josh and I didn't manage to go on any rides.. as they were either too mild...

much like this caterpillar rollercoaster (for kids -.-)

OR they are just way too extremeeeeeeeee.........

Josh and I felt ill just watching!!

Took this picture of this poor fella who was waiting in line to go onto one of those crazy rides. He's covering his ears to protect from the blaring music! LOL!

I DID play a game. I'm usually very unlucky.. so I played a safe game. A fishing game. HAHAHAHA!

But I WON something!!

A cute stuffed tiger!!
It's super soft!! ♥♥♥

Mimicking the tiger. HEHEHEHE.

Unfortunately, it started to get gloomy and before long, it was drizzling! We got out of there before it turned into a downpour, which it did, as we raced our way to the train station.

Tigger using iPhone!!

It was definitely good fun!! Wouldn't mind going again next year!!
Hopefully we'll see fireworks, the parade and the flying birdman (it's a competition whereby contestants jump off a ramp in the river and try to fly) next year :)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Post-Birthday Updates Part 2

Okay. Part 2.

Darling Yong Hwee wanted a small dinner gathering to celebrate my birthday.
And a very small dinner gathering it was! LOL

Unfortunately Polly and Joanne couldn't make it so it was just Mr. Daniel (photo below), Yong Hwee and I.

Still, it was very enjoyable (despite me being sick!!)

 This picture is so funny!! Look at our faces!!! XD

Candid photo taken by Daniel. Think I look a little high here. LOL.

The food was pretty good. We dined in Oriental Spoon; a Korean restaurant in the city.

Polly, Yong Hwee and Daniel got me two gifts! *Teary-eyed *SNIFFFFFFFFF

A beautiful cream-coloured purse!

And these ruby red earrings!!

Thanks a lot guys, I thoroughly enjoyed the dinner and love the gifts ♥♥♥

Post-Birthday Updates Part 1


I think I'm on my way to recovery! It's just a cold so I've had difficulty breathing through my nostrils as they are usually blocked (T.T)

Can you believe it? It's already a week into March!!

Anyway, Josh returned on Saturday, 27th February. He was sick and his health deteriorated overnight.
Poor fella developed a fever!!

Nonetheless, he still wanted to take me out for lunch in the city on my birthday. We had japanese food somewhere in GPO :)

I wanted to go to Luna Park cause I love amusement parks and I haven't been there before. Unfortunately Josh was feeling unwell again halfway through our lunch, so we didn't go. Oh wells.

Anyway!! The presents!!
He bought me two gifts: one is a Ralph Polo shirt, and the other is this little fella!!

He is SOOOOOO cute!! ♥♥♥

 Domo-kun stalking a sick Josh

Domo-kun trying to take a bite out of a bun (who btw looks really pissed about that!!)

My awesome twinno Yenny also sent me a gift!! Everytime I receive something from her, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside :3
My parcel arrived two days before my actual birthday so I was very excited to get it!!

Honestly, I don't know how she manages to pack all these things into a small box. I can't seem to fit them all back into the box after opening it -.- (I have no packaging skills)

The theme: green and frogs!! ♥

Here's a frog scrub, a frog hand towel and a frog card.
HEHEHE! My duck shower cap has a friend now!

Green soju bottle earrings LOL!!! And flase eyelashes... me love falsies :3
Have already worn a pair (the shorter pair) three times because they look very natural.

Some candy!! Chewing gum I believe?? :)

Green tea face and hand masks!!

And this cute triangular yellow felt toy which she made herself!!

She even sewed my name in Korean on the back ♥

Thank you soooooo very much twinno!! ^____________________^

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Uh oh.

Guess what?

I'm sick too.


I had it coming though. I've got a terrible immune system.
I must have caught the virus from Josh.


*curls up in bed, sniffling away
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