Sunday, October 15, 2006

Heechul wrote about Yunho's incident in his cyworld

cyworld is korean equivalent of myspace
Heechul of SuperJunior owns a cyworld and posts regularly...

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This is Kim Heechul from SuperJunior.
and yes, he is very beautiful. He's prettier than most girls I know <___<

After he took Changmin's phone call, Kibum said
"Hyung.. Yunho hyung.. he's in the hospital after drinking something an anti fan gave him.."
What is this..
I was worried.. he spit up blood.. a drink poisoned with Super Glue..
I asked Changmin and he said they were so shocked.. and that Yunho was still asleep..

From that point, I started having a different thought..
This might make me unworthy of being a 'hyung'.. ('hyung' is 'an older brother')
'I hope this shithead gets caught.. please get caught..'
But I didn't just curse..
I even prayed..
Until now, I thought 'I could do other things in the time it takes to pray'..
But I prayed feverously..
That this garbage would be caught..

They said it was an 'injury'..
Not 'attempted murder'..?

Will they mosaic this garbage's face to protect her identity?
How much more.. what do they have to protect..
Murderers, rapists..
The friendly news that mosaics these garbage's faces..

As a proud Korean.. I don't think this is right..
I dislike studying the most and don't know anything about the law..
But.. I know what is right and wrong..
If you were born of your parents' stomachs, don't you have thought?
No.. even if you don't have thought, how could you do such a thing..?

Yunho probably accepted it with a smile, not knowing anything..
Did you see his face.. and smile as you passed on the drink..?
Are you insane.. or you've just rotted so much that your brain has rotted, too..
Are you happy seeing the article that Yunho collapsed, thinking your mission is complete?
Sure.. you must be happy selling your soul to the devil.. 18 {way of writing 씨발 shibal}..

If you've completed your mission, show your rotten face and go to hell..
You might say to me, what are you that you are cursing me..
But I'm not thoughtless enough to
Pass off something like this that happened to someone who is like my brother..

If you're Yunho's anti, then you probably come here, too?
Are you reading this?
What? Why don't you bring me a Super Glue drink to me, too?
Bring it.. I'll catch you..

And the friends of this garbage..
Please confess.. you know, right? That if you hide a criminal, you become a criminal, too..


I'm sorry..
I can't make you better..
And I can't even walk around to catch that garbage..
I can only express my anger through crooked curses..
Get better fast..

Another thing.. I'm really sorry..
I want so much for you to get better..
But I think.. I want more for the criminals to be caught..
I'm sorry I'm this kind of hyung..

I apologize.. for my rough way of talking..
I'm also a human being ..
They might say that clearly things like this could happen
But this issue.. I have a feeling that this issue is bigger than just this incident
So that Yunho will heal quickly.. so that the criminal will be definitely be caught.. please pray....

Translation credits: Tina (from friend-ryeowookitis:DBSG@LJ)
Original language: Korean

taken from in:com and cherrrrryl@bww2


I was so sad when I read this entry.. especially when he said that he failed as an "older brother" to Yunho.

And he closed his cyworld down~!!
Cheryl's really upset now :(

And today's Donghae's (another fella from SuperJunior) birthday too!!
and his best buddy Yunho's in the hospital =______=

How sad.



What a day...

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