Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Aussie Blogger Kris Kringle ♥

So I participated in an Aussie Kris Kringle for bloggers recently. At first I was kicking myself because I always get a little stressed when I have to get something for someone I don't really know, but after going through my Kris Kringle's blog, I kinda had an idea of the things to get her :3

I will reveal to you who I got at the end of this blog entry ;)

Anyway!! My Kris Kringle arrived a couple days ago and I found that it was the awesome Jen from QuestJen!!

I felt like she really made a lot of effort into putting my pressie together.I got some nail items; lace nail deco and a nail polish, plus an eyeliner, makeup palette (I know right!!) and a L'occitane hand cream sample.

I even got a card from her!! I didn't send one to mine +___+
Jen wrote such sweet things in the card, made me feel warm and fuzzy inside :)

I was so pleasantly surprised to find a makeup palette inside. Very useable colours! Love it!

So sparkly and pigmented! I used it immediately!

To create this!
Looks so yummy huh??

I loveeeee nail lace designs! Thank you so much!!

I got such great items that I felt ashamed of the things I purchased for my chosen kris kringle, Teresa from [clicky here to pop over and have a look see ;)].
Fortunately for me, she seemed to like the items :)

In all, it was a very good experience because I had never participated in blogger activities/events. It was good fun and I'm glad to be introduced to new bloggers.

Can't wait for next year!!! :D


Cate ♥ said...

omgosh! i love the nail design!
that rimmel colour is gorgeous!

Jennifer :) ~ said...

Hehe yay I'm glad you like the items and that they arrived to you safely/on time :D Lovely nail art design as usual <3

LishyWishy ♥ said...

Thank you Cate!! Yeah, the rich colour and subtle sparkles makes it such mesmerizing nail colour!

Thank you very much again Jen! I am very, very happy with my pressie!! ^O^

Melody said...

Woo awesome Kris Kringle gift you got from Jennifer !! :D

Jen said...

Love the nail design! So cute & festive ^^ <33

Pop Champagne said...

wow those nails are REALLY cool! and lovely goodies you got from Kris Kringle!

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