Thursday, May 26, 2011

Zipia Dilemma

Why oh why is it that once I have finally filled my Zipia shopping cart with a minimum of US$300, I hesitate to press on that "confirm purchase" button?


I know $300 may sound a lot but considering it's for 17 items, and that the Aussie dollar is standing strong, it's almost a bargain!!

It's not very hard to fill your cart $300 either :\

I blame the gorgeous models who tempt me to buy everything.

I simply adore this particular model. She's so innocent and sweet-looking.... Ek! I feel like a paedophile .__.

Can you blame me though??

I do find that their cheaper clothes can be a little see-through but still of good quality.

I am itching to get another Zipia haul but I find myself checking the website out everyday, waiting for any new additions to the site.

Should I or should I not? Decisions.. decisions...

// ♥

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you, that model is so pretty and I'm starting to see her model for everything! I first found a store on gmarket with her, then another two stores.. then I hop onto Zipia, and she's there too! I just want to buy everything she models for! T_T

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