Wednesday, March 07, 2007

you have been warned

Australia is full of creepy crawlies...

I found this one the other day on my couch

God, it's ugly...

UGH~! The ugly-ness!!

Well, you may think it looks small but it was HUGE!! It was the size of my palm!
I was so jittery around it. I feared that it would lunge itself at me and chew my arm off.

It took me ages to get him out of the house.
Basically I pushed the couch towards the balcony and shoved the cushion with a broom... and hammered away at the cushion to scare the spider away.

And I found a smaller one yesterday..


Anyway, Soo Hui and I doing fine as housemates.
I haven't gotten the urge to kill her so far.

We've just gotten a phone line and registered for internet! Woo-hoo~!!
So in about two weeks, I will have sweet sweet high speed internet!! *SLURP*

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