Sunday, March 25, 2007

mini updates on moi

Here I am again.
In uni, online.. with my darling housemate beside me.
She's supposed to be here to do her research but she's checking out friendster instead.


Anyho, a little update about my life.

Sharon lost her mobile phone!! =O
Soo hui's envious cause now Sharon can get a new phone.

My 'practice' presentations went well. The lecturers seemed to be quite impressed with me, especially since I was the only person who didn't have any notes to refer to.

It didn't occur to me that I could prepare notes. I assumed that Aussies don't read from their notes or cue cards but they do. In fact, some of them were really nervous or just kept their eyes on their papers.

Who would have thought!!

And Soo Hui is chatting away and looking at friendster profiles while she waits for replies.
Perhaps I should question her real motive of coming to uni in order to go online.
I wonder what she'll say when she reads this.
Maybe her expression will resemble this ---> (-___-")

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