Wednesday, May 02, 2007


We had a long lab practical session yesterday which required a lot.. a lot... and a lot of waiting.

We waited for an hour for the first section of the prac to be complete before we could proceed.
There were five minutes left before our membranes were completely soaked with anitbodies so like kids in a candy store, we eagerly started preparing for the second part... when the lab technician Daniel stormed in and in a loud booming voice, "Alright everyone. Take all your personal belongings, leave the lab and make your way out and down the fire exit, towards the car park outside. We are evacuating the building."

Everyone: O_o

But we didn't even hear a fire alarm.

Nonetheless the firemen sure came fast.
Yum, firemen :)

We didn't see the building go up in flames though. No signs of fire or a cat stuck in a tree.

It took a while but we could return soon after.
While we continued with our work, Daniel suddenly burst in to ask, "Did anyone leave their personal belongings behind?"

Everyone: . . .

Seeing the looks on our faces, he went on, "Someone did on the level above and their stuff were stolen."

Everyone: *jaw drop*

Turns out that there were 2 boys, aged 12-13 who had broke into the building and set off the fire alarm (which we did not hear -__- . . .) and stole a couple of things.
But they were caught and police were involved.
Woo.. freaky.
And it all happened in the floor above ours.

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