Sunday, August 12, 2007

Meet Mr. Pumpkin

As weird as it may sound, this old guy that I've met while waiting for the bus gave me a pumpkin!!


Yes. Weird and in a way freaky.

But you haven't heard everything yet!

Slthough it was bright and sunny day yesterday, I was rather down. Blame PMS.
To top that I was late for my group meeting for this scientific poster we had to make.
I stood there waiting for the bus for like 15 minutes but there was no sign of it.

Then this old dude with a long white beard came along, carrying two bags.
He looked at the bus stand then at me before asking, "Have you been waiting for long?"

I wasn't really up for a chat but said yes and that it was late.

Anyway, he didn't seem to notice the foul mood I was in and started chatting away.

There was something about this old man that was a little different.
He had a sparkle in his eye. Like how you'd expect Santa Claus to have.

Before I knew it, I was actually enjoying having a conversation with this man.
I learnt that he loves nature, art, growing things and enjoys writing poetry. He must have been a hippie back in his day because he just seemed like one!!

Halfway through our conversation, he stuck his hand out and went, "I'm Marcus."
He was quite a charming fellow. In fact, he has a lady friend who wants him to marry her!!
Apparently she's like ten years younger than he is and . . . he's 65!!

Mind-boogling! My grandma's only a couple years older and she's so frail and nearly bed-ridden.

This is some random hippie picture I found while googling but he looks somewhat like the old geezer. Isn't the old lady cute? xD

Finally the bus came and we got on. Before he got off to meet his friend for coffee, he asked me meet him in a cafe near the art gallery next Friday at 11. He said that if he wasn't there by 11, then he couldn't make it and he'll come the following Friday. Then he reached ito his bag and gave me one of the pumpkins he grew :)

Talking to him made me realize how money driven everyone else was and how caught up we all can get in our lives that we don't see how simple and beautiful things really are.

He was so cheery and lovely that just the thought of him makes me smile. I know you all think I must be crazy but I don't mind meeting up with him.
I do have a feeling that he might have forgotten me by then though.
But if he does, it doesn't matter either :)

Let's see how it goes, shall we?

I had no idea what to do with the pumpkin but when I got to uni with a pumpkin in my hand, everyone was like, "What on earth is that?" and some people started telling me how to cook it.
Others say it looks really odd. One person said it was the oddest shaped pumpkin he's seen. HAHAHAA!!

. . and I must agree XD

But look what I did to it!

Looks pretty good, no? ;)
And it tasted great too!!

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Cool! =)

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