Sunday, October 14, 2007

Life without a full stop

I've lost my full stop

I'm not going all emo on you guys

I really have lost my full stop
and my comma

do you not notice the missing punctuations by now?

The sad story

I went upstairs to have a shower and come down to find that my keyboard was going a little berserk
Typing a letter gave me another letter or number and sometimes even nothing!!
I wasn't really that panicky because 'someone' else was doing it for me
Which is odd enough because I'm actually very protective of my laptop as Sharon would know

Nonetheless I called up SK and asked him if he knew what the problem was
We spent over half an hour on the phone but nothing worked

Then after I hung up
that 'someone' made a confession
Now I'm not pointing fingers or anything but it wasn't me who spilled a little drink over the keyboard

I know
I wish that 'someone' had told me earlier instead of letting me agonize over my laptop trying to fix settings when I could have shut it down and dry it
Liquids and electronics should never go together!!

But it's an accident and accidents do happen
Yes I'm a wonderful and forgiving person LOL~!!

Apparently laptop keyboards are major sensitive
a little moisture and it goes insane
Kinda reminds me of that Gremlins movie
keep them away from water or you're in big trouble

So what if YOU (omg) spilled a little drink over your beloved previous laptop's innocent lil keyboard?

  1. The laptop must be TURNED OFF!
    No don't waste precious seconds to 'shut down' your laptop
    TURN THE MAIN POWER SWITCH OFF! PULL THE CORD! Anything that will save you valuable time before the liquid seeps into your laptop and KILLS it
  2. Remove all removable parts (eg battery)
  3. Tip the laptop over and give it a little shake in attempt to drain it
  4. Blow dry your laptop with a hair-dryer on the LOWEST or cool setting
  5. DO NOT TURN ON YOUR LAPTOP FOR 48 HOURS to ensure that it's completely dry

I'm not mad or anything
I just wished I had known earlier so I could react to it and save my full stop and comma
Everything else seems alright
A couple other keys such as backspace home and end can be stubborn at times but they still work with a little patience

For now Microsoft Word will have to be my best friend
It's quite hard to type out a URL without a full stop

If I really can't take it I'll just get one of those external keyboards
Though it's been only like 2 hours since I turned on my lappy and I'm already feeling a little annoyed

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Whiskoffee said...

This entry can be alternatively titled as Survival of the Laptop (or lappie). =)

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