Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Meteor Shower!

If you're living in Australia (or live in the southern hemisphere) and always wanted to see a meteor shower then you're in luck!

You may be able to witness one of the best meteor showers if you don't really mind staying up all night or walking up really early.

As it's an annual occurrence, it's thought to happen sometime late April to early May of every year. According to the blog of the Sydney Observatory, the best meteor showers will occur sometime between 3.23 AM and 5.37 AM (GMT +10:00 Sydney, Melbourne time)

So that means it'll happen sometime 2.53 and 5.07 AM here in Adelaide.

I checked out another blog (aptly named the 'Meteorblog') which says that during the peak, we may be able to witness up to 60 meteors per hour! That's like an average of one per minute. That ain't too shabby aye?

It also says that you should search for Venus, which will appear as a large non-twinkling star. Ideally you should watch it from a dark area but the moon will be bright tonight so it might be difficult to see.

So will I stay up and watch?
Hmm. I might. Heh.
What? It's cold!
I might sit out all wrapped up with a hot mug of milo. I might.

Well, if I miss it, there's another one in October.

If anyone manages to see it, I would so love to know! :D

Credits and Links:
Picture: http://media.katu.com
Sydney Observatory Blog: http://www.sydneyobservatory.com.au/blog/?p=2048
Meteor Blog: http://www.meteorblog.com/


JenniferJane said...

Hi there,I m living in Malaysia and always thinking that I can travel to Aus(1 of my favourite countries)especially Tasmania..and from your blog, I only know there will have a meteor shower every year...wow..Aus really a very nice place...

LishyWishy ♥ said...

Hello there!! Thank you for leaving a comment! ♥

Yes, Australia is a lovely place. Are you planning to visit Australia any time in the future?? :)

Actually, I heard that you may be able to witness some meteor showers from South East Asia too? My friend told me he went to a beach in Singapore to see them several years ago!

If you want to come, visit Australia sometime in October! I heard that there's another meteor shower then! :D

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