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Slave Hunters / Chuno

I am currently addicted to a Koren drama called Slave Hunters (called "Chuno" in Korean)
And it's all Josh's fault! During his trip back home to Malaysia, his mother was watching this drama on telly. He became hooked onto it and so he began hunting for (pun intended) the DVD set.

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Now I don't usually enjoy Korean dramas because they make me cry tons!! T___T
(And I did cry a fair bit so far watching this particular one)

Normally, I would prefer a modern drama to an olden one, but after a bit of persuasion and the first episode, I was completely won over.

The storyline was a little confusing at first because we were not used to the olden terminologies and Korean names. Moreover, the subtitle work was a little poor; the names were spelt differently in some episodes. Occasionally, there were no translations during some conversations! Although, these inconsistencies left us a little bewildered and frustrated at times, they did not make the show any less enjoyable.

There is a large number of main characters in the show; each of them play an interesting role, and unknown to them at first, they become entangled in an intense power strife that would change the future of Korea. The plot is strong and exciting, with romance, revenge and greed thrown into the mix.

The main character, Lee DaeGil is played by the well-known Korean actor Jang Hyuk (You might recognize him from Windstruck and Successful Story of a Bright Girl)

DaeGil is Joseon's best slave hunter, who actively captures runaway slaves for money. He was once a nobleman who fell in love with one of his slaves, Un Nyun (Lee Da Hae). Quite predictably, DaeGil's father objected to their relationship and decided to punish them by selling her away. Un Nyun's half-brother could not bear to lose his sister so he killed DaeGil's family and sets their house on fire. He believed that he had killed DaeGil in the fire, and ran away with Un Nyun to start a new life.

DaeGil became a slave hunter in order to pursue his first and only love, and her half-brother, the man who had destroyed everything he had.

He's not the only one who is ripped either *O*


Song Tae Ha (played by Oh ji Ho)  is the best swordsman in Joseon, and also the close friend of the Crown Prince. He and his men were wrongly accused of a crime and were all made into slaves. After TaeHa learnt that the Crown Prince was poisoned and his youngest son was in grave danger, he decided to head to Jeju to save the future ruler of Korea. On his way, he met Un Nyun (who was now called Hye Won) and they soon began a romantic relationship.

*Dum dum dum....

Now, there is a lot more to this than just hunting slave, but I can't be bothered to write the whole synopsis down, so if you're still curious, have a read here  Slave Hunters Synopsis - allkoreandrama

I can't decide whether I like the character DaeGil because he can be quite conniving when it comes to pursuing slaves. At times, he shows his kind and caring side. Other times, I find him very cold-hearted and selfish. I suppose this makes his character so intriguing and complex?

Song Tae Ha is definitely my favourite character in the show; he falls into the category of your typical mysterious tall, dark, handsome brooding-type hero who doesn't say very much unless he has to. He has a strong, calm presence, and carries himself in a dignified manner. Plus, he looks a little bit like Takeshi Kaneshiro *O*

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I even think he looks better with a mustache & beard! *O*

Ugh.. I have a feeling that most of the characters in Chuno would not have a happy ending T___T
Why is it in most korean dramas, they kill off their most-loved characters???

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