Saturday, April 24, 2010

Adult Grey Lenses Review

I know I promised to post this up a long time ago... and I have no excuses since I know you all will forgive me anyway *bats eyelashes

As some of you might know/remember, I purchased two pair of lenses from
I'll do each review individually in separate posts.

Pinkyparadise is a Malaysian based online store. They offer a large range of coloured lenses imported from a Korean manufacturer; they carry many popular branded lenses, and even other beauty products and accessories.

In comparison to most contacts sold in Australia, these were extremely cheap. I was able to purchase two different types of lenses for the price of my Grey Storms, and still have money left to buy bubble tea!!!

Shipping was fairly quickly, despite being sent from Malaysia.
Moreover, the people managing the store were very helpful and responded to my questions almost immediately.

I'm not sure if they still have the promotion but when I purchased my lenses, they gave me cute animal lenses for free!!

I got the piggy and the hippo! ♥

Alright, first up are E.O.S Adult Grey Lenses

*promo pic taken from website

These lenses are very very very very very very cool. The colour changes depending on the light; they look almost purple-blue in the photo above, as opposed to grey.

And when I put them on, they don't actually look grey either. They look rather blue most of the time.
Now to time of it, they don't EVER look grey on me. But that's alright, the blue/purple is so pretty, I don't mind.

 In dim light.

They actually look quite natural; not scary and as attention-seeking as my Storms.

Out of the three pairs that I own, these are my favourite.  There are plenty of reasons why these lenses reign superior to the other two and probably the rest out there in the market.

Comfort-wise these babies are great. They are so much more comfortable than the Grey Storms.
I could wear them for about 6 hours without a problem.

Although they are not as enlarging as circle lenses, there is a dark outer rim that makes a slight difference in iris size. They certain give the iris extra definition.
They fit my eyes quite well too. Some lenses can be so large that they actually don't move with your eyeballs; very annoying!

The reason I decided to get grey was because grey contacts look great on most asians. I wanted to get something that I could wear without startling people too much.

These lenses look quite natural that I even wear them to work. I get many compliments from these particular lenses. YHwee's cousin even thought I was born with blue eyes? LMAO!

Next up: Circle lens review

Have a good long weekend guys!! :D


mr. pineapple man said...

the cases are so cute!! but I wear hard contacts so I wouldn;t be able to use them anyways :)

LishyWishy ♥ said...

Yes, they sure look adorable sitting on my bathroom counter.

I could be wrong but you might be able to purchase animal lens cases from them? :)

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