Friday, January 04, 2008

Summer Fun

Two years in Adelaide and I’ve hardy ever traveled around South Australia.
Ony places that I've ventured to are a couple of suburbs just outside the city.

Yes, I am a bit sad.

But now I can finally stop seeing those dumbfound looks on people’s faces when I say I hardly step foot out of the city because in the past three weeks I've gone to practically everywhere in SA! Woo~! *prances*

It’s not as if I don't want to travel! I love to see and experience what places have to offer!
Send me to Korea and I will bring back Yunho AND your favourite Korean celeb (if you have any) to show you my appreciation!
I just don’t have any friends who have cars! >=(

So how was it possible for me to travel in the past couple weeks??
My neighbour, Wayne went back to Malaysia for the summer holidays so left his car in Josh’s hands. YAY!

Unfortunately, there isn't any air-conditioning in the car which SUCKS! Especially now when it's summer as it can go up to a mind-blowing 42 degrees celsius!
It gets so hot in the car that I can literally feel my brain cooking.
Not good. Not good at all.

Anyway I wish I have more pictures to post here but my phone died too early on during the trip to Yorke peninsula so I'll have to pester Rudi to give me pics that he's taken.

Unfortunately my camera doesn't do any justice to the beautiful scenery but enjoy them anyway!

Watched the sun rise on the pier

These wind-mills were massive and if you listen carefully, you can
hear their blades slicing through the air! It's a bit eerie actually.

and while wading through the waters, I found a one dollar coin! *mini-jig*

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Sir sc said...

ehshshsh lisha ~~~
Happy new year !
whr is ur bikini pikie?
go beach didnt show us ur bikini... :P

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