Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Decisions decisions...

So on Friday, I went into the lab and told Jas of my decision.
It was hard saying goodbye to Kelvin. I had to hold back my tears. He looked really upset too (surprisingly). Still didn't stop him from making me help him out in his project until the next bus comes. Exploiting me until the last minute =_=

But he's been a great mentor and he kept trying to give me advice. The one thing that he said that lingered in my mind was that Honours was just for one year.
I knew that too but it was just too difficult for me to continue in the lab at the moment. The thought of leaving it actually made me happy.

The next morning I woke up wondering if I should still do Honours. 
With every hour that passed by, the thought of doing Honours grew stronger.

I know that I still had a chance if I went with UniSA as the Honours program do not commence until mid-Feb.
It was perfect. I don't move into my new house until the end of February so it wouldn't conflict with any deadlines and I can be settled by then.

I know it would be a tight squeeze as it was already February but I wanted it so badly so I went to see my program director Dr Maurizo Costabile.
Thankfully he said that there was no problem if I wanted to apply.

I still have the daunting task of finding a supervisor and a suitable project but I know what I want now. I want a project that will ultimately contribute to helping someone out there with a disease.

If a supervisor takes me on, I will show him/her what I'm made of.
I will be a kick-ass Honours student.

Happy valentine's day everyone :)


Whiskoffee said...

Once u know wat u want, hold nothing back.

Go go go!

Sir sc said...

lisha; good luck in your industries!

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