Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Old men and food

So I was walking along, enjoying the sounds pumping from my mp3 player when I spotted this old man with a receeding hairline and white hair, outside of his barber shop.

He was looking up at a threatening gray sky but as I approached him, he noticed me.
He bid me good day with a slow smile. "Come, come," he mumbled as he beckoned me to follow him.

Puzzled, I stopped and watched him enter his barber shop and fumbled for something on a desk near the door. At one point, I was beginning to worry. Was he going to stab me? (There have been recent three cases of stabbing going on in Adelaide, so you should forgive me for thinking that.)

With a big smile, he pulled out a massive bundle of what looked like baby apricots?!!

Eh? (O__o)

I was horrified as he shoved them to me, "Take, take!"

"No, I can't that's too much!" I said, thinking about how I was going to go shopping with all these fruit in my hands. There wasn't even a bag!

He nodded and started peeling away the branches and leaves, "Take, take."


So I thanked him and went my way, trying not to drop any from my two hands.
Unfortunately, I have no idea what they are (or if they are edible for that matter) or how I was going shopping.

So I threw them away in the end.
I don't mean to be disrespectful but I had to go shopping and carrying some books back home. There was just no way I could do that with them fruits in me hands.

I just wonder why I encounter such things?
Probably a year ago, this old man handed me a pumpkin.
It ended up in my tummy :)

Perhaps I look starved?

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