Sunday, April 19, 2009

Butterfly dance

So I went for my very first job interview ever.

It was nerve-wrecking! *silent scream*

I received an e-mail a week and half after I applied for the job with a subject heading "Interview"
My heart was about to burst and it nearly did as I read through the e-mail.
I wanted to run around the room and hug myself at the same time.

Then a flood of mixed emotions engulfed me. I was soooooo not prepared for an interview. What would I say? What should I do? What should I wear?! I need shoes and bag which screams "HIRE ME!" but where?
So many problems.. so little time...

I hit the local bookstore in search of books that would guide me through my first interview. As I went through the shelves, I found myself with about 6 books in hand.
I speedily read through a book which was entitled 'Perfect First Interview' (or something along those lines) trying to absorb as much info as possible.

I ended up buying a book called 'The Everything(R) Practice Interview Book'

Call me silly but I am the type that likes to do my research (which is why I am a scientist).

It did help me a lot but I also think it made me even more nervous as I had to remember so many things that I should and shouldn't do.
But it was indeed very handy.

I arrived at the interview extra early so was seated in a waiting area. I was soon joined an Indian man who looked smart in his full suit, nice polished shoes and a large black briefcase.
He was called to do the interview first. Fifteen minutes later, he emerged from the room with a smile on his face.
He asked me whether I was going for the interview and told me that I had nothing to worry about as it was easy.
I felt really relieved after hearing that.

It wasn't long before it was my turn. As I entered the room, I realized that I was going to be interviewed by THREE people.
I was silently screaming inside the whole time as I shook all their hands.

Fortunately, they didn't waste anytime asking silly or confusing questions such as "What book did you last read?" (I read Cleo mag but I don't think you want to know that, so should I lie and say I read something more intellectual?)

They wanted to know what sort of research I've done and the sort of techniques I've used.
It wasn't too difficult so I think I did alright.
I wasn't oozing with confidence but I was rambling on like some village idiot.

Unfortunately it would take another two weeks before they make their final decision. I'm not sure whether I would be chosen but I won't feel too disheartened that I didn't.
I learnt a lot from that interview so I'm really happy that they gave me an opportunity.

Am quite pumped up and ready for future interviews! :D

Am planning to work part-time at Coles at the moment. Yes, it's a dodgy job that only high-school students do but reality is I need to support myself and this recession is not making it easy. I am also looking for jobs outside of Adelaide as our state is facing the worst unemployment rate in the whole of Aussieland.

Wish me luck!


Mingming said...

Interviews can be stressful...but just be yourself and portray that sense of confidence no matter what you might end up saying.(of course must be related la...)

Coles?! u can get discounts on Books!! smart choice cuzzie. I was about to say if u want to make more money..waitressing is pretty good too..or banquets!!:) Donna and I work in a banquet part time..its so tiring..but the money is really good.

sooo..what did you wear? hheehehe.

LishyWishy ♥ said...

Awww, you're awesome Doris :)
Thanks for being so encouraging!!

Oh, how interesting!! Coles in Aussieland is actually a supermarket! But it turns out they won't accept my visa (Bummer!!)
Ah well, I'll try other stores then! Waitressing doesn't pay very well here (about $13-$15/hour?) and I wanted to work at the stadium (It pays so well!! $20+/hour) but it's sooo far from my house! I won't be able to catch any late buses home :(

But I'm still hunting and I'm not giving up! It can be a little disheartening at times though!
Anyway, thank you for leaving me lovely comments. I really do appreciate them!! :D

PS: I wore a pink collared top with a black vest and skirt (very office girl! LOL)

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