Thursday, April 30, 2009


I meant to blog about this but kept procrastinating. Heh.

Anyway, I made a trip to Melbourne!
One of the best places to go shop in Aussieland!

And it's been too long since I had a Krispy Kreme!
The queue was quite long but I didn't mind waiting!

Was sorely disappointed by Krispy Kreme's "Devil's Food" (Glazed Chocolate donut).
Totally didn't live up to its name. It should be sinfully good but was just blah.
It was too dry and too sweet. Boo! Hiss Hiss!

Met up with Cheryl!
Here she is with a pot of tea!

We were shopping in Chadstone and stopped by T2 for some tea tasting!
I can't remember the exact name of the tea that we sampled (something along the line of Geisha Tea?) but it pretty much tasted like water. The fragrance of the tea was beautiful but somewhat intoxicating.

I got myself an awesome clock by Smiggle! I love Smiggle products!
If only they have their own proper stores here in Adelaide. Sigh...

Anyho! Cheryl had a dance class later that day and I asked her to bring me along.
(I wish I have a dancing buddy who would take classes with me *pout*)
One of her teachers is Vince Calingasan, who choreographed one of the dances in Australia's 'So You Think You Can Dance'. I definitely wanted to go meet him!

I cropped this photo because Cheryl might not scream at me if I included a full view of her back (and doing a funny pose. LMAO)
I secretly filmed them from the back but I promised Cheryl that I wouldn't upload them.

So if you wanna know what his style's like, check out this video.
It's pretty short though (About 43 seconds)

Since Josh is now working in Melbourne, we went to play a couple rounds of golf in Emerald. It's a gorgeous place so if you're an avid golfer, you should give it a go :)

The yellow, auburn and golden-brown leaves of Autumn

This mushroom practically screams "Super Mario" but it's totally poisonous.

Nice shot!!

Ah... I can't wait to visit it again :)

Until next time! Broooooom brooooom!!

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