Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mini projects: Strawberry and Mended Heart


I made these felt strawberries the other day
And used one as my mobile phone charm!!
Most people think it's cute. The reactions I get from people vary after I've told them I made it myself; from the slight nod of approval to the wide-eyed look of disbelief.

Anyway, I was eager to try something new but I was low on supplies to do anything complicated.
So I decided to make this little red heart with a cross over it.

I took a risk with the purple side stitching (since I'm still such an amateur) but I think it look so good and distinct against the red! Am so proud of myself *OHOHOHOHOHO!!!!

After that, I was really itching to make more cotton-stuffed cuties.
So I went out in the 30 degree heat today to get more supplies!
That's passion for you! (Or maybe obsession?)

I actually finished Project D a long time ago but it's for Josh and I want him to see it for himself when he gets back from Malaysia (Don't want to ruin the surprise for him!)
Will post up pictures after he returns.

Days left till Josh gets back: 5

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