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Barbie Big DM23 Circle Lens Review

I apologize, I know that I owe you this review for a while now *shifty-eyes

Well, you should know by now that I procrastinate. A lot.
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Barbie Big DM23 Circle Lenses Review

Now, circle lenses are lenses with a large dark outer rim to create an enlarged iris effect. They also make your sclera (the white bit of your eyes) appear whiter due to the iris being much more defined.

Comparison: Left side with the lens, right side without any.
The diameter of these lenses is 14.5mm!
Notice the very obvious enlarging effect @__@

The only problem with circle lenses is that those with smaller eyes can look a little alien because the lenses cover too much of the sclera.

When I first put them on, I thought I looked very odd. For some reason, Josh seems to think it looks good on me and he likes these lenses on me best.

Although they look rather orange in their glass vials, they are quite natural looking as they blend well with my brown eyes.

Lenses in different lighting:
Indoor next to a window (left) and Bathroom (right)

Again, I purchased these lenses from 

*picture and details taken from website

 Item details
Brand : Barbie
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm

These lenses are quite comfortable, I could wear them for up to 4 hours without a problem. However, I do find that they don't fit my eyes well so sometimes I feel that they lag a little bit when I move my eyes. They are still better-fitting than my Grey Storms!

Other effects:
Definitely much more enlarging than the Storms and my Adult Greys with its 14.5mm diameter
They are quite natural-looking as they are not orangey-brown like some lenses. They can look a bit scary close-up when you're outdoors in the sun but otherwise, they look great indoors and in pictures (flash or no-flash!).

I've gotten used to seeing myself with circle lenses now but I still don't wear them very often.
I do think that circle lenses give their wearer an instant 'cutesy' look.

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