Saturday, April 09, 2011

Konad nails M36 and M62

Hello hello! It's the weekend! WOO HOOO!!! ♥
I had more opportunities to play with my Konad set! :3
This time I stamped each nail twice with different patterns!


VOILA! Awesome nails! ♥

  Left hand!

Right hand!

I feel quite Easter-y. So I opted for a cute robin blue colour. As you can tell, each nail is different; I experimented with different patterns. Some came out rather nice.. others not so >.>

I can't actually decide which my favourite is but I quite like the pattern on the middle finger of my right hand! Josh very nearly ruined it by touching it before my nails completely dried though! My fault for showing off to him too soon.

I really love my nails; can't help admiring them all day!

Have a good weekend everyone!



LaugHinG piLLzzz said...

so when can i book in an appointment? i want piggies! :)

LishyWishy ♥ said...

Sorry love, no piggies!! :(
BUT I will try to hunt down an image plate with one for you!! >=(

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