Saturday, April 16, 2011

Review: Maybelline Mascara in The Falsies

I absolutely love Maybelline mascaras! They're brilliant and they're cheap!
So when the new 'Falsies' came out, I didn't have a reason to not buy and test it out.


The brush is curved slightly in order to reach your lashes from corner to corner and fan through root to tip in a tight hug.

Curvy-licious ♥

Maybelline Mascara in The Falsies; Before and After


It certainly does lengthen and volumize with minimal clumping! ♥
However, I do find it tricky to use the curved brush as the curve makes it a bit difficult to judge at times so when you're trying to build up more volume, you'll need to be careful to not stab yourself in the eye.

The formula is easier for me to build on compared to the Colossal, but then again, my Colossal is the waterproof version.

The Falsies promises to give you that 'False lashes' look, but in reality, no mascara can give you the false lashes effect. For a mascara, it's pretty darn awesome.

Maybelline The Falsies versus The Colossal; Before and After

In the length department, both the falsies and the Colossal were equal. They certainly do give my lashes the much needed length.

I find that with the colossal, a greater volume of lashes was achieved. However, they do not look as thick or as defined as when they were with the Falsies.

As you can see, with the Falsies, I managed to get thicker-looking lashes which stood out more compared to the Colossal. The Colossal helps to achieve a more natural fuller look.

I was not too impressed with the Falsies at first but I actually find myself reaching out for it more often. This is because it was easier to build up on and it doesn't actually smudge on my oily lids at the end of the day like my Colossal does. Also I am too lazy to use eye make-up remover to remove stubborn waterproof formula on a daily basis *sheepish grin

Falsies actually made my lashes visible from faraway. Awesome.

And they look pretty darn good close up!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!



Uncle Yenny said...

Awesome-ous Twinno! I saw this mascara in Coles the other day lol and was like, "Oooohh! I'll get that... one day." XD (Wallet = sadface right now haha)
Anyhoo your review really helped, thanks! I think this might be the next mascara I get after the Colossal is all used up. To be honest, like you I also don't really like waterproof mascaras cuz they're harder to remove, as I'm also lazy. XD But is there a version of the Colossal that is just regular and not waterproof? Was looking for it but couldn't find it, so I had to settle for the waterproof one..

LishyWishy ♥ said...

HMMMMMmmm... there should be a non-waterproof version but like you, I didn't find one either!! Maybe you should try Priceline.

I actually used the Colossal the other night (in case I got wet at a friend's housewarming party.. they've got a pool. I got wet, in case you were wondering =.=) and I realized that actually prefer it! The lashes look much more natural-looking!

Now I'm determined to hunt for a regular one too!! >=(

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