Monday, October 30, 2006

What's up with daylight savings, dude?


We had to move our clock an hour FORWARD so my dear friends who don't have to bother with turning their clocks back or forth, Adelaide-ian time is now 2 hours and a half ahead.

It's like living in the future!! HAHA!! .___.

I can't believe it took one hour away from me!! >=(

And just when I really need that hour!
I just had my quiz this morning... which would have technically been an hour later and I would have had another hour of sleep zzzzZZzzzz


Doom. Doom. Doom.

In March, we'll be turning our clocks an hour backwards and then my friend would have to turn her clock forward. Confused much?

Anyway, I asked my dear friend from Lithuania (from bww2 forums!! w00T!) who I was chatting with over MSN why we have daylight savings.
Why don't we just split the hour into half? Since we're going an hour back and they're going forward.

Split the dang hour in half!!

No one needs to turn no clock back or forth. No one would have to suffer a bodyclock disorder! (Well, if they haven't already)

She had to turn their clocks back an hour. The southerners turn their clocks an hour forward and the northerners turn their clocks an hour back. I accused her of taking that hour from me.

She told me that 'daylight savings' has something to do with saving electricity.
At this point, one eyebrow is raised..... "Ngeh?"

Yeah, but it's true. Now at 7.30pm, it's still dang bright!! *____*
Just like how it was when we first came!! ^___^

Ah wells....
Well, I would probably have wasted that hour on the forums anyho.
ROFL~!! *\(^o^)/*



hOMG!!! Exams in two weeks' time!! *runs around in panic*

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