Sunday, October 15, 2006

Yunho's been hurt by some crazed psycho fan!!

I don't know what to believe anymore.
All I know is that he's hurt but he's currently being stabilized so.. he's going to be alright.

While filming on the drama set, it's normal for fans to bring food, flowers and gifts for their idols.
Some crazed psycho girl gave him a drink with superglue on the rim of the bottle and toxic substances in it <___<

(14.10.06) Yunho injured after filming 'Heroine 6'

Today, while TVXQ were filming 'Heroine 6', a very serious situation happened!

A fan sent TVXQ a big bottle of some kind of beverage and Yunho poured a little out to drink from it. Blood came out from his mouth, and he lost consciousness during the filming. He's now in hospital under treatment.

TVXQ were stunned and heartbroken by this turn of events. The situation is under investigation at the moment, and filming for 'Heroine 6' has been stopped temporarily. Other than Yunho, the rest of TVXQ are still at the KBS studio. Yunho's stomach has been pumped, and he's regained consciousness.

TVXQ has been asked to work with the police but they're in a state of panic now, almost frantic, unable to calm down.

The culprit has been caught. She's a TVXQ fan, a crazy one, even until their manager knows who she is. That was why she was able to get close to TVXQ to pass them her gift.

The situation is under control and all 5 members of TVXQ are basically in safety, so please do not worry.

Another article relating to this:

TVXQ's leader, Yunho, while filming 'Heroine 6', drank a beverage and his lips split.

U-know Yunho was filming KBS's 'Heroine 6' halfway, and was drinking a beverage backstage when this happened. He was unaware that the drink contained superglue [I'm sorry, but WTF?!] and in the process of drinking, his lip split.

He was immediately sent to the nearest hospital while the crew present do not understand how this could've happened. "No one could have played this kind of prank."

Translation: theonlyrealone@In:Com
Source: cocomm@17look8 +


What sort of
inhumane act is that?
Just because she doesn't like DBSK, doesn't mean she can go around try to poison them!

I say she deserves to be locked up in a room with skunks and Aaron Carter playing on repeat!!

But Yunnie's alright now, he's stabilized so I'm not too upset anymore.
How can they trust their fans anymore? :(

I was so speechless when I woke up and read it.

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