Saturday, April 17, 2010

I *Heart* Zipia

You know what?

I spend waaaaay too much time on Zipia, browsing through the large variety of clothes and adding them to my ever-growing virtual shopping cart. It's funny how quickly I've accumulated over US$200 worth of items.

There are days when I just want to hit "Confirm purchase" link and be done with it.
Somehow whenever I review my items, I'd hesitate and would find reasons to justify purchasing over 20 items of clothing in one single haul.

I know.. I know.. I've done it before. So what's the difference?

It means even MORE money out of my pocket.
It means I am a potentially reckless spender, despite pouring over the site for months carefully selecting items I truly desire. Maybe I'm just nit-picky and obsessed?

It takes me forever to decide because all the clothes look good on their very attractive models.

Pretty girl in soft pastel colours = win

I keep changing my mind about this shirt.
I'm not a big fan of shirts but it is awfully cute!

Their korean models are also stick thin so naturally everything looks great on them.

I can never carry those legging offs~!! >=(

Can't believe how good that simple basic sleeveless tank top looks on her.
Jealoussssss -.-

Apart from the clothes. I also like look at their male models (yes, they have apparels for men too)
My favourite is the one on the right. He is smoking hot *O*


Anyway, I managed to convince a friend to check the site out; and am now putting her order in together with mine.

So I guess there's no backing out now. Heh. *sheepish smile

If you like to shop online, is an awesome website. The items are made in Korean and are of great quality. Moreover, there are tons of photos of the clothing item from many angles, as well as detailed measurements.

You'd need to register to have a browse through their items. Registration is free.

Only problem is that you need to purchase a minimum of US$300 because the items are at wholesale prices. It's always good to get a few mates together and put your selections into one order.

Here's a small sample of the items I'm getting!!

Top Left: Black and white dotted cardigan
Top Right: High waisted zipper pants
Bottom Left: Red check shorts
Bottom Right: Sky blue dotted dress

Do you likey?? :D


Hyang-chan said...

i LOVE zipia tooo! <3
and i also agree the model is smokin hot!!!

Anonymous said...

what's the name of the male model?
I think he is gorgeous

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