Sunday, April 11, 2010

Little Monsters

Guess what I got for Josh!!

Well, there's probably no need for you to guess because I'm going to tell you anyway!!
More Domo-kun merchandise :D

These house-slippers were soooooo cute, I had to get them on the spot!

 Rawrr! ♥

I made this cute little bag the other day! From a shirt that was accidentally burnt by the iron.
Recycling at its cutest, no? 

Am currently using it to keep all my felt creations :3

Speaking of which! I made a little froggy for my colleague's daughter who loves the colour green and frogs.
I love the bright lime green! :3

At the moment, I'm trying to make this piggy for my secret lover Yong Hwee ♥

Will post up more pics when it's completed!

Sigh.. These people are just so lucky to have me as a friend!

1 comment:

.Kada said...

omg i love your domo slippers! and the cute felt keychains! i like making felt crafts too :] i'm a new follower btw, hello ^_^

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