Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lazy sundays & Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens

Ahh.... it's a gorgeous Sunday afternoon :D

The weather has been miserable overall these few weeks but today... today is just lovely. I feel like running outside and bask in the warm sunlight! ♥

It's one of those days where you just want to do nothing and laze around all day.

Almost ;)

Lucky for you, I will post a short blog and THEN laze around all day!!

Since I've been obsessed with dolly-wink inspired nail patterns, I went out to purchase the Sally Hansen nail art pens!


I bought two; black and baby pink which were retailed at approximately AU$13.00 each. Not exactly cheap. Bought these two from the Priceline in the city!

So armed with the black nail art pen, I tried my second attempt at Dolly Wink inspired nails.

Looks like a pretty decent attempt. I was able to create fairly clean lines and intricate details; such as the "lace trim" on my fourth finger!
Now, the bad bits....

You really MUST wait till your base polish is totally dry otherwise the felt tip of the pen can easily scrape through. Even then, you have to be careful when applying a top coat because it can cause the 'art pen' polish to run and smear.  Eeeek!

Sadly, I am unable to duplicate the patterns on the nails of my right hand because like most of you out there, I am NOT ambidextrous.

Right hand...

Definitely not as great as the patterns on my left hand.
I was not able to create anything decent at all so in the end, I used a paperclip to make my designs but umm... as you can see.. I failed badly.

So all in all, the nail pens are still better tools than a toothpick/paperclip to draw but in my humble opinion, I wouldn't buy them again  :|

Okay. Going to laze around now!

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Will update soon!


ken said...

sundays area always lazy sundays.. haha.. nice nail art =)

LishyWishy ♥ said...

thanks!! :D

I concur! Sundays are always best to kick back and relax.. I do get a little annoyed when evening arrives though, because Monday is so much closer :/

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