Tuesday, April 24, 2007


So Uncle Yenny went off to Korea to teach english to kiddies..

^HAHA! I stole this off her site.

I somewhat envy her.

I mean, she just graduated the end of last year before turning 20 (So technically she graduated at the age of 19) and so she's taking a year off to go to Korea and teach English-suu!

Sounds like fun huh??

I'd like to do that but two things come to mind.

  1. $$$
    No money, no talk.

  2. Teaching kids English must be like pulling teeth, especially if they're pulling yours.
    Can you imagine little kiddies running around, screaming their heads off and causing havoc with every step they take?

But then.. think about the amount of k-pop celebrity stalking she could do~

She says she'll kidnap Yunho and bubblewrap him then send him through mail for me.
Yay! xD

Good luck Yenners.

I hope Korean kids are angelic.

Speaking of Korea, I bought this the other day.
Korean ice cream! ^O^

But why do they need to say it's 'white vanilla'
I wasn't aware that vanilla come in any other colour but white.


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