Thursday, April 26, 2007

In the land where taboo thrives

I stumbled onto this rather interesting article today.

Sex education in Brunei a no-no

Apparently in the last two years, a total of 95 babies were born out of wedlock.
And the youngest teen mom is found to be a 13-year old. original context

NYAH!! 13 years old?! I was still enjoying Cartoon Network at that age .___.

First of all, my jaw dropped when I saw a heading like that in some community forum. It's pretty unusual to see any news about Brunei, let alone be it such a topic.

So some people have proposed sex education to be carried out in schools to teach safe sex.
However, the Government is afraid that it would seem like they're encouraging pre-martial sex instead.
Oh woe-is-them.

"I find it sad that in Brunei, we still delude ourselves in thinking that Bruneians don’t do these things. That only married couples have sex. We find it hard to accept that sex among teenagers are commonplace. " (Jack blog)

I agree wholeheartedly, Jacky boy.

Being in denial doesn't solve anything.
You can close your eyes and ears all you want, it's not as if babies will stop popping out when you do so.
Besides making sex sound so taboo only makes it more enticing and fuels curiousity.

On the other hand, we Bruneians an endangered species anyway.

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