Friday, April 20, 2007

Mission Complete

As we stood outside Adelaide's magistrates court,
the building loomed over us like a towering giant.

We were there on a mission.

^Very important mission papers.

The security was tight. We had to pass through a metal detector and have our bags check.
Just in case we turned out to be armed and dangerous.
Le gasp.

Don't those men look very important with their red folders?

Of course, they don't look very professional cause they're looking upwards ... obviously they don't know what floor they're supposed to go to.

We waited patiently for our turn and when the lady before us stepped out of the Justice of Peace room, we walked in.

The lady at the desk had her head down and was busy scribbling away.

There was an awkward moment of silence before Soo Hui knocked on the door. Even though we were already inside, she said, "come in," without even lifting her head up to acknowledge our presence.

No one said a word while she finished up. The atmosphere was quite tense.
Then she finally looked at us and took the papers from Soo Hui.

She started yapping away without ever using a full stop. "BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHHHH do you declare that everything written here is true..blah blah blah blah...say 'I declare'."

Soo Hui nodded her head.

She looked at her straight in the eye and in a stern voice repeated herself slowly, "Do you declare that everything written here is true? If so, say 'I declare'."



After Soo Hui declared that it was true, she turned to me and actually smiled, "we can't just have you nod and go 'hmm-mm'." she explained.

I forced a smile out and just nodded my head and went 'Hmm-mm!'


What a relief when the whole ordeal was over.

And all this.. just to get a garbage bin.

Because someone had stolen ours. *shakes angry fist*

In other news, we have a wireless modem now!
YAY~! *prances*

And I finally found the right bulb for my lamp!!
YAY~! *prances some more*

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